KFC new limited-edition Holiday Buckets have arrived

KFC Holiday Buckets, photo provided by KFC
KFC Holiday Buckets, photo provided by KFC /

There are always certain signs that the holidays are upon us. Christmas decorations start to arrive in stores, Hallmark starts running one holiday movie after another and of course, KFC takes the wraps off that year’s edition of their popular Holiday Buckets.

What is a Holiday Bucket you ask? Well as everyone knows, the best chicken always comes in a bucket. Which is something the chicken fast food chain has been aware of for decades. So for the holidays they give their iconic buckets a makeover with a holiday theme.

Last year they decided to go with a vintage theme using designs that went back over thirty years. For 2022, they are doing something a bit different. According to the press email they released KFC is instead using the Holiday Bucket design to try and send a message.

KFC Holiday Buckets have a Sharing is Caring theme for the holidays.

This year’s design is all about “Sharing is Caring.” The idea is to try and get people to remember the joy that comes with sitting down with folks you care about and sharing a meal. It’s really that simple. And what better reason to break bread (or in this case, a chicken) then the holidays?

In addition, KFC is using the opportunity to reveal some seasonal deals they are making available to their customers.

First are $5 KFC Famous Bowls, which are famous for a reason. They include a base of mashed potatoes which is topped with crisy chicken chunks and sweet corn and covered with homestyle gravy and a shredded three-cheese blend. It’s also available in a spicy version that includes Nashville hot sauce.

Then there are the cookies. When you order a KFC 12-pice or 16-piece meal it will include six free cookies and come all wrapped up in a Holiday Bucket.

All of that sounds like a pretty good reason to grab some friends, get yourselves a bucket of chicken and share some memories. Which is exactly what KFC wants.

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