Is Perkins open for Thanksgiving Day 2022?

Perkins Launches Baconfest and New Oreo Treats. Image courtesy Perkins
Perkins Launches Baconfest and New Oreo Treats. Image courtesy Perkins /

Thanksgiving has arrived and with it a lot of questions like what’s for dinner, what’s burning, and now where are we going to eat. If this is you and your family, you might be looking for a restaurant that offers up a delicious homestyle meal or even a classic breakfast. For us, that might mean looking to Perkins.

We have definitely turned to Perkins a number of times when it comes to holiday meals and baked goods. And this year, we are also looking to see if they will be open for Thanksgiving 2022.

So will they be open on November 24 or are we out of luck when it comes to heading to the closest Perkins for breakfast, lunch, or a dinner worthy of Thanksgiving?

Is Perkins closed on Thanksgiving Day 2022?

It looks like we are in luck fellow foodies! Once again, according to Holiday Shopping Hours, Perkins Restaurant and Bakery will be open for Thanksgiving.

Of course, just because they may be open that doesn’t mean that they will be observing normal business hours. With it being a holiday, we definitely recommend confirming the restaurant’s hours of operation. It is entirely possible (and extremely likely) that they will be working with reduced hours, whether that means closing early or opening late.

Considering they are offering a special Thanksgiving meal (they even did a take home meal for pre-order), we are happy to have another option for our holiday dinner. And of course, we also appreciate the fact that we can also turn to them for breakfast or dessert too.

So whether you want to skip the cooking this Thanksgiving or you are actually looking for a delicious start to your day, Perkins looks to have us covered.

And if you are looking for more restaurants and stores that are open or closed for Thanksgiving, check out the rest of our holiday coverage on Guilty Eats.

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