Somebody Feed Phil The Book is as good as the series

Somebody Feed Phil: Season 3. Phil Rosenthal in Somebody Feed Phil, Marrakesh. c. Courtesy of Netflix
Somebody Feed Phil: Season 3. Phil Rosenthal in Somebody Feed Phil, Marrakesh. c. Courtesy of Netflix /

If you are a regular reader of Guilty Eats (and you should be) then you know how much we all love the Netflix series Somebody Feed Phil. It follows the adventures of Phil Rosenthal, executive producer of Everybody Loves Raymond, as he travels the world to new visit new places and eat new foods.

The show has been a huge hit for Netflix and just dropped its sixth season back in October. But fans have always wanted to know more. Specifically they wanted to know how they can prepare some of the most popular dishes seen on the series in their own homes.

Lucky for them and us, Rosenthal heard your requests and has answered with Somebody Feed Phil The Book. The publisher was kind enough to send us a copy and for that we will be forever thankful because this book is simply amazing.

Somebody Feed Phil The Book is now available everywhere books are sold.

One part travel journal and one part cookbook, Somebody Feed Phil The Book looks back at the first four seasons of the series. It includes behind then scenes photos and stories from each and every episode, from Venice to Chicago to Seoul and every city in between.

Rosenthal shares stories about the people and chefs he met while filming Somebody Feed Phil and offers his own tips for how to make travel that much more enjoyable. It also includes the scripts from the segments where Rosenthal spoke with his parents via the computer that ended each show.

But what will surely get foodies most excited are the recipes. The chefs from each episode have been kind enough to share exactly how they made some of those amazing dishes you see on the show. You can learn how to make Quesadillas with Epazote and Salsa as seen in Mexico City or a Rhum Sour as seen in Montreal.

However. Don’t mistake Somebody Feed Phil The Book for a standard cookbook. It’s not. As Rosenthal himself explains in the Introduction, while you can make each dish in the comfort of your own home he recommends getting out there and trying them while traveling.

Because life should be about the people you meet and the foods you share with them. And new foods always taste better when tried on the road.

Somebody Feed Phil The Book is an amazing, poignant companion to what was already a pretty great television series. It’s everything you love about the show just with more. More food, more joy and more excitement about life.

You really can’t ask for more than that in any book.

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