MTN DEW Pitch Black is Back!

MTN DEW Pitch Black. Image courtesy MTN DEW
MTN DEW Pitch Black. Image courtesy MTN DEW /

MTN DEW is once again exciting fans with the return of one of its favorites, MTN DEW Pitch Black! MTN DEW lovers know that the company is always keeping us on our toes. They love their collabs like Casey’s MTN DEW Overdrive and Circle K’s Purple Thunder. They also keep coming out with limited edition flavors like the most recent MTN DEW VOO-DEW mystery flavor (which, by the way, was sour candy if you hadn’t heard!).

To help us welcome in the new year, we get to enjoy the return of MTN DEW Pitch Black. The dark purple, citrus punch flavored soda first debuted in the fall of 2004. By popular demand, the company brought back MTN DEW Pitch Black as a permanent flavor from 2016 to 2019. Now, we get to once again enjoy it, although for a limited time.

Not only will fans be able to get their hands on the original MTN DEW Pitch Black, PepsiCo is  releasing MTN DEW Pitch Black Zero Sugar and MTN DEW Energy Pitch Black. These beverages will be available beginning January 1st.

MTN DEW Pitch Black is making a limited time return

I don’t recall ever trying MTN DEW Pitch Black during its previous releases. However, I was recently provided samples of the upcoming 2023 release. The drink is described on the bottle as having a dark citrus punch flavor. To be honest, the dark purple color has me thinking grape is a prevalent flavor, too. In fact, after doing a bit of research, the flavor used to be described as “dark grape” in previous releases.

Personally, I’m not a fan of sugar-free drinks and let my husband drink the MTN DEW Pitch Black Zero Sugar. For those with a sensitivity, just know that the artificial sweetener used here contains phenylalanine. I also let my husband enjoy the full-sized sample can of the MTN DEW Energy Pitch Black during a four hour road trip for the Thanksgiving holiday. The amount of caffeine in the MTN DEW Energy Pitch Black is equivalent to two cups of coffee. He enjoyed the flavor, the light carbonation and didn’t think the caffeine was overwhelming.

All three varieties of MTN DEW Pitch Black will be available in stores nationwide beginning in January 2023. If you are looking to try this rerelease, make sure to grab some when you see it, as they will only be available for a limited time.

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Did you try MTN DEW Pitch Black when it was first released? Are you excited for its return?