Win a MTN DEW Fruit Quake prize pack!

Get in the Holiday Spirit with MTN DEW Fruit Quake. Image courtesy MTN DEW
Get in the Holiday Spirit with MTN DEW Fruit Quake. Image courtesy MTN DEW /

The holidays are quickly approaching and that means that it’s time for everyone’s favorite dessert….fruitcake! What, you’re not a fan? Well, PepsiCo is hoping to change that with their newest (and maybe most surprising) soda flavor.  MTN DEW Fruit Quake is here just in time to help get you in the holiday spirit!

While fruitcake is considered to be an iconic holiday treat, it’s also a dessert that many people have strong feelings about. I’m almost embarrassed to admit that I only recently tasted one for the first time. Fruitcakes are traditionally made with candied or dried fruit and nuts and are often soaked in spirits like rum or brandy.

Collin Street Bakery is a family owned and operated business, based in Corsica, Texas. They have been making fruit cakes since 1896! If anyone knows how to make a fruit cake, my bet is on them! I sampled their deluxe fruit cake and it was really good! It was chock full of pecans and chunks of dried pineapple. You can taste the all-natural honey as the main sweetner.

Tweet your holiday dessert hot take for a chance to win a MTN DEW Fruit Quake!

MTN DEW Fruit Quake has debuted just in time for the holidays. It’s dark reddish-brown in color and after getting to sample the new flavor I can say that it tastes like you might expect: a fruity base followed by a hint of cinnamon spice.

While you can find the new flavor online and in stores nationwide only through the holidays, there’s a fun way to possibly win a MTN DEW Fruit Quake prize pack. First, you’ll have to join Twitter, if you haven’t already. Make sure you are following @MountainDew. Then you need to tweet a holiday dessert hot take using the hashtag #MtnDewFruitQuakeSweepstakes.

MTN DEW’s holiday hot take is that fruitcake is cool. To prove it, they’ve partnered with Collin Street Bakery to give away fruitcakes in the Fruit Quake prize packages.

Not exactly sure what kind of “hot take” they are looking for? Some recent submissions include “Marshmallow is always (thumbs down emoji),” “Eggnog is better than any other drinkable liquid besides Mtn Dew,” and “pumpkin pie is overrated.” Don’t worry, your entry isn’t being judged by MTN DEW, but I may be secretly judging you. IMO, pumpkin pie is a mandatory Thanksgiving dessert, marshmallows are (thumbs up emoji) in Rice Krispy treats, hot cocoa and all things s’mores and I can only manage a sip of eggnog during the holidays.

Alright, you tweeted your holiday hot take so now what? There are three different entry periods, taking place now through December 23rd with three different drawing dates. 10 winners will be selected during each entry period.

What do you win? You get an amazing MTN DEW Fruit Quake prize package. It includes a 20 oz. bottle of MTN DEW Fruit Quake, a Collin Street Bakery fruitcake, a Slice N Serve utensil, plus a MTN DEW branded mug,  ornament, tote bag, beanie, blanket and LED sign.

So what are you waiting for?! Start tweeting for a chance to get your hands on a coveted bottle of MTN DEW Fruit Quake!

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Do you like fruit cake? What’s your holiday dessert hot take?