The best Christmas foods in all 50 states

Sweet Holiday Travel: Cookie Baking Cabins Arrive For 2022. Courtesy of Johnny Miller
Sweet Holiday Travel: Cookie Baking Cabins Arrive For 2022. Courtesy of Johnny Miller /
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The holiday season is officially upon us! Stores have already been displaying all of their Christmas flavors, brand new seasonal products, and so so much more!

Food brings us all together, brings us around the table, and helps us connect with each other, no matter where we live.

Whether you’re looking for something more traditional, something new and innovative, or just about anything else in between, then you’ve certainly come to the right place! We are going to go over the best Christmas foods in all 50 states of America, some recipes to include, and other ideas to keep said Christmas traditional foods alive.

What’s your favorite Christmas flavor!? What is your home-state known for?!

When you see your state on this list, let us know down in the comments whether we got it right, or what we should’ve talked about instead.

Christmas food is just simply some of the best. Whether your family is more traditional in terms of food and flavors or you have your own spin on certain dishes, food is food and it always is a fun time surrounded by your family.

First up, let’s travel on over to Alabama and Alaska for some Christmas treats!

1. Alabama

Featured Dish: Chai Maple Sugar Cookies

Three Words to Describe It: Elevated, Warm, Sweet

Sugar cookies are just such a staple in legit any household for Christmastime. There are so many different variations of sugar cookies to make, but upon doing some research, chai and maple flavors were highly researched throughout the state of Alabama around the holidays. Adding in some delicious and sweet maple, mixed in with some deliciously ‘spicy’ chai is certain to not only elevate your sugar cookie recipe this year, but to also warm you up on a cold Winter’s day.

Have you tried this delicious holiday treat yet? Your thoughts? Let’s hear it!

2. Alaska

Featured Dish: Buttery Crab Legs

Three Words to Describe It: Rich, Fancy, Smooth

If you’ve never had crab legs before, then you’re seriously missing out. Serving crab legs at your next holiday meal will not only taste great, but also make your guests feel like they are eating at some fancy five-star restaurant. Imagine this: it’s a cold December night (on Christmas Eve, of course) and you take your crab leg soak it in some warm clarified butter. Not only is your body feeling all warm and cozy now, but your stomach is about to be full of some delicious richness.