Is Taco Bell open on Christmas Day 2022?

Taco Bell new value menu for 2020, photo provided by Taco Bell
Taco Bell new value menu for 2020, photo provided by Taco Bell /

Is there anything better than an order of tacos, burritos, and a quesadilla from Taco Bell? Probably not! After all, it satisfies late night cravings and more.

When it comes to a delicious meal that also qualifies as a guilty eat, Taco Bell is quite often what we want. And even if it is a holiday, there is something about an order of nachos, tacos, a chicken quesadilla, and an icy cold beverage that we cannot resist. So what happens on Christmas day when we want that particular order from the Bell?

Are we able to hit the drive-through of Taco Bell and get our guilty eat on? Will they be open on Christmas day? That is the question that we have.

Is Taco Bell closed on Christmas Day?

Sadly, we are out of luck if we want Taco Bell on Christmas day! According to the company’s website, they are only closed on Thanksgiving day and Christmas Day. This means that there are no tacos to be had after Santa has dropped off those toys.

While this is definitely sad news for those of us in the mood for tacos and burritos, we can absolutely hit the drive-through on December 26 and satisfy those cravings. Or we can always whip up our own tacos, quesadillas, burritos, and nachos at home, as long as we have all of the necessary ingredients. Of course, we are happy that the chain is closed in order for their employees to be able to celebrate the holiday with their families and loved ones.

We can handle waiting one day for our Taco Bell orders because of a holiday!

However, if you are looking for some alternatives to Taco Bell on Christmas Day, more news and store closings as well, check out the rest of our holiday coverage on Guilty Eats.

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