Ronzoni says Pastina is canceled in 2023

It’s a sad day for fans of a little tiny pasta stars in their soup. That is because Ronzoni has revealed that in 2023 Pastina has been canceled.

According to a new post on Instagram that was shared by the Ronzoni team, the company has made the sad decision to discontinue the production of Pastina. In the post, they go into detail about what happened, the difficulty of this decision, and more.

In their social media announcement Ronzoni explains that they understand how much we all love and appreciate their Pastina. And we do! This is the go to pasta for so many of us who make our own chicken soup at home. This is not about chicken noodle soup, this is about those tiny stars the grandma used to add to her chicken soup to add depth to it. So knowing that we won’t be able to make a grandma‘s classic chicken soup at home is definitely a bit of a heartbreak.

Ronzoni Pastina has been discontinued as of January 2023

So what happened to Ronzoni Pastina? According to the company, they were informed by their supplier that they would no longer be making the little tiny star shaped pasta. And unfortunately for all of us after a search for a solution, they were unable to find an option that would allow the customers (all of us) to enjoy the same standards that we have all come to expect from their company and their pasta.

According to the Ronzoni post there may be hope in the future for Pastina. But for now, it looks like we will have to either stock up on what we can find, if you can find it, or hoard what we already have.

To end their post, the company says to their followers and fans,

Your passion for Ronzoni fuels our passion to deliver for you. We haven’t given up, but as of today, we can no longer offer Ronzoni Pastina to our customers. Thank you for your understanding and trust in Ronzoni pasta.

While Pastina is not something that we often reach for at the grocery store, it is definitely some thing that we use at least once or twice a year. It is the foundation for many of broth based soup to build off of. It is the pasta of choice for chicken and stars soup, a turkey based soup, or basically anything where we want a little extra bite and every spoonful. We are sad to see this pasta get canceled by Ronzoni, but we are hopeful that they are able to find an alternative to bring this particular shape, size, and style of pasta back in the future.

What do you think guilty eaters? Are you surprised by this news from Ronzoni? Are you sad to see Pastina get discontinued at the very start of 2023? Is this one of the pastas you use for your soups at home? Let us know what you think in the comments below.