Artist designed an incredible DiGiorno Xbox controller and we must get our hands on it

Have you ever seen an artist or someone post a custom-designed anything on social media and been completely and totally obsessed with it? We have! And the latest is a wireless gaming controller that is gaining attention of Xbox fans and a certain frozen pizza brand: DiGiorno!

A professional artist and gamer has taken to social media to share their latest creation: a custom-designed Xbox controller that is inspired by DiGiorno frozen pizzas! The worst part about it? It’s not available to design yourself through Xbox’s design lab; however, maybe one day it will be!

How cool is this DiGiorno inspired Xbox controller? Let’s take a look at it!

This particular ultra-customized controller was designed by an artist who goes by the name of POPeART.

Check them out on Twitter right here!

Here are some of the qualities that you can expect to see with this customized controller:

  • Majority of the controller’s body is red
  • Features some golden ‘melting cheese’ going down one side of the Xbox controller
  • Golden bumpers and triggers
  • Red D-pad, right stick, and right side face buttons
  • The letter buttons have a texture to make them stand out/sink in from the usual ones
  • The DiGiorno logo is embedded into the right-hand grip of the controller
  • Small images of DiGiorno pizza slices go across most of the controller
  • The batter pack features the classic slogan “It’s not delivery. It’s DiGiorno.”

This new customized controller doesn’t just come out of nowhere. After Xbox had announced their deliciously creamy collaboration with Oreo, POPeART had designed something similar. Because of this, DiGiorno had actually reached out to said artist to make something for their company and Xbox as well!

DiGiorno had tweeted how much loved it and how beautifully gorgeous they thought that it was!

POPeART has expressed that they will continue to create and collab for Microsoft, as well as other brands and companies, as he knows how many people truly do love and adore all of his work. Good for him – seems like he’s got a permanent gig!

What do you make of this particular collaboration? If he ever sold these, would you buy a pizza-themed wireless controller? I certainly would! Let’s chat all about all of that down below!