Sweet Dreams is the cereal that will put you to sleep at night

Sweet Dreams Cereals. Image courtesy Post Consumer Brands
Sweet Dreams Cereals. Image courtesy Post Consumer Brands /

Lots of people start their day with a bowl of cereal whether it’s a sugary or a healthy one. But what if you ended the day with cereal?  And I don’t mean for dinner (no judgment here!). That’s the idea for the new cereal Sweet Dreams by Post Consumer Brands and Post Cereals. You are meant to eat it at night and it is supposed to give you a better night’s sleep.

You read that right! While there are plenty of foods, supplements, and gadgets meant to help you get a better night’s sleep, now there is a cereal to make it easier to get to dreamland.

Sweet Dreams consists of whole grains, folic acid, zinc, B vitamins, and a bunch of herbs that are meant to help you produce melatonin and sleep more easily.

But if you’re like me, you make a “meh” face when you think about healthy cereals. Luckily, Sweet Dreams actually comes in some unique and interesting flavors. There are two different flavors: Blueberry Midnight and Honey Moonglow.

Get to sleep a little easier with Sweet Dreams

Sweet dreams
Sweet Dreams Cereals. Image courtesy Post Consumer Brands /

The Blueberry Midnight contains blueberry, lavender, and chamomile and the Honey Moonglow consists of honey, vanilla, lavender, and chamomile. Lavender and chamomile are well-known to help promote a relaxing and peaceful sleep so it makes sense that they would be included here.

Considering how elusive a good night’s sleep can be, this cereal could be incredibly popular. When talking about why Post created Sweet Dreams, Senior Brand Manager Logan Sohn noted that:

"More than ever, consumers are looking to embrace acts of self-care, particularly as it relates tobedtime routines and we believe a relaxing bedtime routine is key to a good night’s sleep. As a brand that’s been helping early-risers crush their morning routines for over 100 years, we’re thrilled to now help fans also establish healthy nighttime habits by providing a nutrient dense before-bed snack made to support a sleep routine they could only dream of until now."

Each 13.5-ounce box is about $4.48 and both new cereal flavors will be available at most grocery stores around the country. To learn more about Sweet Dreams and see where you can buy a box or two near you, you can head over to Post’s website.

What do you think of this new sleepytime cereal? Will you be grabbing a box (or three)? Let us know in the comments below!

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