Goldfish x Boban Marjanović partner for a big surprise

Goldfish x Bohan Hand Dish. Image courtesy Pepperidge Farm
Goldfish x Bohan Hand Dish. Image courtesy Pepperidge Farm /

There is something undeniably addicting about eating Goldfish crackers. That’s why this new collab between Goldfish and NBA star, Boban Marjanović is especially exciting.

If you’re not an NBA fan, then you might be confused about why these two are working together but we’ll get into it. If you didn’t know, Boban Marjanović plays for the Houston Rockets and stands a whopping 7 foot 4. It makes sense that he’s known for having huge hands as he’s a big guy.

As far as how this relates to Goldfish crackers, you’ll be happy to learn that these two are coming together for a new hand bowl. Yes, you’ve read that one right? It’s going to be a hand bowl modeled from Marjanović’s hands as a way to hold your Goldfish crackers.

Due to the success of the pair’s previous endorsement, it would only make sense that we’d end up seeing the two come back together for this massive opportunity.

Goldfish crackers and Boban Marjanović’s hands are an unbowlable match.

You might be curious about this collaboration and rightfully so which is why we’re here to answer all of your questions. The bowl measures 10.75 inches and it’s able to hold 301 goldfish crackers. Honesty, that’s a heck of a lot of Goldfish crackers and will make the perfect gift for an NBA fan who also loves to snack.

If you’re looking to get one, you still have a wait a little bit of time. This collaboration won’t be dropping until March 1st at 3:01 PM EST. Until then, you’re able to go on the official website and set a reminder for yourself. Honestly, if you’re looking to get it, it’s unclear how many are being produced so if you want it, make sure to grab it.

Either way, I feel like this is unlike anything I’ve ever seen before and it’s cool. Whether you love the NBA, Goldfish crackers, or both, this is a very unique item. At this point, you’re only able to put your name in as it’s not available for purchase. According to the rules though, 100 people have a chance to win so there’s a pretty good chance.

While this might not appeal to people who love both Goldfish and the NBA, it’s an awesome one for the people who do. I feel like there is something so undeniable about being able to fit that many crackers in one “bowl.” Plus I feel like it’d be awesome to see one in person and see the Goldfish crackers in it.

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Will you be entering to win this unique product from Goldfish and Boban Marjanović? Let us know in the comments!