Are the air-fried Kettle Brand chips worth trying in 2023?

Kettle Brand Air Fried Potato Chips. image courtesy Kettle Brand
Kettle Brand Air Fried Potato Chips. image courtesy Kettle Brand /

For 2023, Kettle Brand introduces a new innovation to the chip aisle with its new kettle-cooked and air-fried offering.

While we’ve already discussed the chips upon launch, we were actually able to get a sample to try out. The three flavors currently released are Himalayan Salt, Jalapeno, and Sea Salt, and Vinegar. Honestly, all of them sound great.

While air-frying things have taken off in recent years, this is actually the first time we’re seeing an air-fried potato chip hitting the market. Kettle Brand is really changing the game as it’s both kettle-cooked and air-fried which is supposed to give it a crunchier finish.

Additionally, these new air-fried chips are 30% less fat than regular chips. That’s why I was more than excited to give these a try. Before getting into that though, I’d like to thank Kettle Brand for sending me a bag to try.

Are the Kettle Brand Air-Fried chips worth adding to your cart?

With so many chips brands out there, Kettle Brand is trying to ensure you’re sticking with them and honestly, I have to say I agree with them. I was given the Sea Salt & Vinegar chips to try which was the most appealing flavor to me.

One thing the brand says is that the chips are supposed to have a crunchier bite/finish and they really do. These chips are crunchy yet don’t lose any of the flavors of a regular potato chip. It’s honestly pretty great to see. Sometimes chips can give you that sluggish or greasy feeling after eating them yet I didn’t notice it as much after eating the air-fried versions.

While the air-fried chips have 30% less fat than regular chips, I won’t claim that these are healthy items. However, if you’re looking for something with a bit less grease yet with the same crispiness, then I’d highly recommend these Kettle Brand air-fried chips.

Even though I’ve only tried one flavor, I will say that I plan on trying out the Himalayan Salt ones, too. This air-fried alternative would be great for packing in lunchboxes, having a barbecue, or just enjoying while you’re watching some TV or movies. Additionally, I feel like these will be a great summer snack if you’re headed out to the pool or just want to spend the afternoon, having a picnic.

Regardless, I think these Kettle Brand air-fried chips are worth checking out. With a price tag of $4.79 for a 6.5 oz bag, you get a pretty good deal.

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What do you think, Guilty Eaters? Will you be trying out these new Kettle Brand air-fried chips?