Cedar’s makes delicious dips perfect for healthy snacking

Cedar's Foods Brings Authentic Mediterranean Flavor to Growing Hummus Market. Image courtesy of Cedar’s.
Cedar's Foods Brings Authentic Mediterranean Flavor to Growing Hummus Market. Image courtesy of Cedar’s. /

Whether you love a delicious dip or hummus, Cedar’s knows how to make the perfect, healthy option for our snacking needs. And the fact that they offered pita chips to dip in those hummus and dips means that they really are thinking about every aspect of our snacking wants and needs.

If you love Mediterranean flavors then Cedar’s is a must try brand for you. Because not only do they offer a variety of delicious hummus is, but there are also tzatziki sauce, Greek-yogurt based dips, and more to choose from.

We had the opportunity to try two flavors of the Cedar’s hummus, as well as their tzatziki sauce and one of the Greek yogurt dips. And it was deliciousness on a whole different level. In order to take the experience to the next level, they also let us try their classic pita chips and their sesame pita chips.

I will admit, I was not a big fan of the sesame pita chips, however the classic pita chips were on point. They were exactly what I wanted for dipping with hummus and the tzatziki sauce. It was a perfect marriage of flavors and textures.

Cedar’s helps make healthy snacking a special occasion

The two flavors of hummus that we got to try were the garlic and the red pepper hummuses. And they were delicious. In fact, I would say that they are a perfect alternative to that other big name hummus brand (you know the one). The flavors popped and the texture was perfect. It was everything you want in this classic dip and maybe a little bit more.

Then there was the tzatziki sauce and the feta dip. Again, these were creamy and delicious, adding a Mediterranean flair to not only pita chips, but also sandwiches and more. The tzatziki sauce reminded me of Greek restaurants I grew up with and that touch of nostalgia was all it took for me to fall in love.

After trying these four dips and two flavors of pita chips, we can’t wait to try more from Cedar’s, especially when it comes to their dips, spreads, and of course hummus (and we definitely want to get our hands on the stuffed grape leaves too).

Have you tried Cedar’s products? Are you a fan of hummus? Will you give this brand a try?

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