Peeps flavored Pepsi makes it’s one-of-a-kind return

Peeps and Pepsi Collaboration. Image courtesy Peeps, Pepsi
Peeps and Pepsi Collaboration. Image courtesy Peeps, Pepsi /

Back in 2021, the ever-so-famous drink and sweet treat collaboration that we happened and we never knew we needed was between Peeps and Pepsi. And no, it’s not a cola-flavored marshmallow treat. Instead, it’s a super popular fizzy drink that is made to taste just like the super sweet coated marshmallows that everyone knows, loves, and associates with Spring.

When it first came out, this was such a hot commodity (and to some quite the oddity) that people were selling single bottles and cans, yes you hears me, single bottles and cans for hundreds and hundreds of dollars.

What’s next for Peeps X Pepsi? Anything new? Let’s find out all about this bright and fun collab!

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Peeps X Pepsi is actually doing something pretty cool to celebrate the re-launch of this surprisingly fan-fave product. This delicious snack and treat team is actually teaming up with Snapchat. For this particular part of the collab, Snapchat is offering fans a once-in-a-lifetime experience with augmented reality. Fans will essentially be sent on a virtual egg hunt on a Spring-themed quest to unlock various super cool prizes! Some of those prizes include the following: A Springtime trip for two and exclusive Peeps X Pepsi merch (among many other different prizes as well, of course)!

In order to participate in all of the Snapchat-related fun, just simply purchase at least one can or bottle of Peeps X Pepsi and scan the “co-branded AR lens” to unlock things, but especially that secret code to find out if you’re an instant prize winner, that literally everyone’s talking about!

Check out Peeps’ official Twitter announcement and what the fans really have to say!!

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That’s a wrap on our surprisingly fan-favorite drink and treat collab between Peeps and Pepsi! We welcome it’s return with wide-opened arms! Welcome back! We certainly missed you!

What do you make of this? Have you tried this sweet treat and drink collab just yet? If so, be sure to share your open and totally completely honest thoughts with us down in the comments below! If not, then let us know, down in the comments below of course, what’s holding you back!