Pacific Foods will help you before Soup Season 2023 ends

Pacific Foods Oragnic Assortment, Image courtesy Pacific Foods
Pacific Foods Oragnic Assortment, Image courtesy Pacific Foods /

With spring slowly making its way here, many of us are making the most of the end of Soup Season. However, one company you need to try out is Pacific Foods.

If there’s one thing people love about soup, it’s how easy it is. However, it’s unhealthy, but Pacific Foods is trying to change that. In particular, the brand offers organic options, gluten-free options, and even, some vegan options, too.

While I’ve only known Pacific Foods for its soups, the company offers much more, including multiple varieties of nut milk, bone broths, and low-sodium options. No matter what you can’t have or are looking to cut down on, there is something for you to try.

Thankfully, I was sent a fantastic package from the company and I’ve been dying to share my thoughts on them. Thank you so much to Pacific Foods for sending me their soups to try and a few extra goodies, too.

Pacific Foods will help you make the most of Soup Season 2023.

Before getting into my thoughts, I wanted to share which soups arrived in the package. The four soups included were the Organic Vegetable Lentil Soup, Organic Tomato Bisque Soup, Organic Hearty Vegetable Soup, and Organic Chicken Noodle Soup. The package also included a beanie that reads “Soup SZN” on it along with a soup thermos that I’m dying to use.

Chicken noodle soup is such a comfort food so I decided to give that one try and wow, this is unlike anything other chicken noodle soup I’ve tried. While it wasn’t my favorite, I feel like it had a unique flavor and gave me something I’ve never had before. The addition of the peas was unexpected but added another veggie to the mix so who can really complain about that?  If you love peas though, then this one needs to be on your next grocery list becasue the peas felt like the star of the show.

Additionally, the entire can is only 140 calories so I feel like it would pair nicely with a piece of bread or even some crackers. Regardless of how you’re looking to enjoy it, Pacific Foods has a bit of something for everyone. Whether you’re craving spice, want something classic, or want to unthaw from the cold, there are plenty of different varieties and options aside from all of the ones I mentioned.

If you’re interested in Pacific Foods, I recommend giving them a try. You can even check out the company’s website which features recipes and even a locator to show you the closest store near you or an option to buy online. Regardless of what you’re looking to try out, there is no shortage of Pacific Foods products to help you say goodbye to Soup Season.

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Will you be trying out Pacific Foods before soup season ends? Share with us, Guilty Eaters!