Nestle Toll House is ready for Easter with this delightful cookie dough

Nestlé Toll House Easter Cookie Dough. Image courtesy Nestlé Toll House
Nestlé Toll House Easter Cookie Dough. Image courtesy Nestlé Toll House /

Are you ready for Easter? Are you looking for a sweet treat to get in the mood for the holiday? Then this cookie dough from Nestle Toll House is a must try.

For us, there’s something special about chocolate chip cookies. And when you can bake them up yourself, it’s especially important to have the right cookie dough. Every time we have ever tried Nestle Toll House cookie doughs, we have been impressed.

Just in time for Easter, the brand is making sure that we have the perfect style of cookie dough for our at home baking needs. In this case, they are taking chocolate chip cookies to the next level. And that means adding the perfect pastel sprinkles to the top of these cookies. We are talking about pastel eggs that just add that next level of fun and Easter magic to the perfect chocolate chip cookie.

If you love Easter, then you need these Nestlé Toll House Easter Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough packs in your life.

Nestle Toll House is Easter ready with their limited edition Easter Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough

If you want to bake up these delicious cookies for yourself, you’re in luck because this cookie dough is on store shelves now. In fact, you can snag this particular cookie dough in the refrigerated section of your local Walmart.

While we have not been able to find it at a local grocery store, that doesn’t mean you won’t have better luck than us. On top of that, we have seen it in Walmart and on Instacart. So if those are the stores that you normally hit up for your cookie dough, then you’re in luck. Honestly, I don’t care where I have to go to get this cookie dough, because it’s perfect for not only spring and Easter, but also all of the chocolate chip cookie lovers out there who love baking up their own batch of fresh cookies.

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