Nestlé Rallies is offering an Easter deal for 25% their brand new Nut Butter Bombs

Nestle Toll House Stuffed Cookie. Image courtesy of Nestle Toll House
Nestle Toll House Stuffed Cookie. Image courtesy of Nestle Toll House /

Everyone knows and loves the company that is seriously associated with chocolate: Nestlé. Nestlé Rallies have now come out with a brand new nut butter product called Nut Butter Bombs. They are super delicious combinations of chocolates and but butters to satisfy both any sort of chocolate or nut cravings that you may be having.

What’s the deal with Nestlé Rallies’ brand new Nut Butter Bombs? Here it is!

With Easter coming right around the corner, it’s no secret that chocolates and candies are in pretty high demand just about everywhere.

Here are some facts about these delicious nut butter bombs to consider for your next purchase:

  • There are three different flavors:
    • Brownie Almond Butter
  • “Filled with rich, decadent dark chocolate, almond butter, and crunchy almond pieces, these nut butter bombs are complemented by a creamy milk chocolate shell”.
  • Salted Cashew Butter
    • “This salty, sweet treat features a smooth blend of cashew butter covered in a rich dark chocolate”.
  • Raspberry Peanut Butter
    • “Featuring a dark chocolate coating that balances the creamy almond butter center dotted with real raspberry pieces for a delicious, raspberry-flavored treat
  • These Nestlé Rallies sweet and healthy treats are made to be preserved in your handy refrigerator in order to preserve their freshness and flavor. In addition, there are no artificial flavors, colors, OR preservaties in either of the three different flavor varieties of said product.

    There is nationwide availability with this brand new product, including, which is where the deliciously great discount code comes in! You can now receive 25% off all purchases with the code: Rallies2023. Enter this code at the checkout page on Amazon!

    Here are some important nutrition facts to note about these delicious Nut Butter Bombs:

    • 1 package is a full serving
    • Each serving is 250 calories, 17 grams of fat, and 14 total grams of sugar

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    That’s a wrap on our analysis of the brand new Nut Butter Bombs from Nestlé Rallies! Be sure to use the discount code on in order to receive 25% all future purchases of these products!

    What do you think of this brand new product? Have you tried them yet and if so, what did ya think of them? Let us know down in the comments below all about your thoughts! As always…Eat up and enjoy every last crumb of chocolate to your tiny little heart’s content!!