Spring Baking Championship: Easter gets adventurous in episode 3

Contestant Josh Osamor bakes during Round 2, as seen on Spring Baking Championship: Easter Season 3.
Contestant Josh Osamor bakes during Round 2, as seen on Spring Baking Championship: Easter Season 3. /

The third episode of the Spring Baking Championship: Easter is here and this time it’s all about an adventure. Welcome to “Hare Today, Gone Tomorrow.

For their first challenge of the episode, they have to take traditional Easter dinner dishes, and transform them into sweet treats. They have to take things like glazed carrots, scalloped potatoes, and even cornbread, and transform them into a delicious dessert worthy of the Easter, bunny himself.

After playing a game of table pong to pick their dinner item, each of our bakers ends up with something savory that must be transformed while still representing the original dish that they received. Of course, this is a baking competition and that means that it’s not just about flavors. It’s also about presentation. These are items that have to not only taste amazing, but also look amazing as well.

As with many of these challenges, there were definitely some issues in the kitchen once again. And we even had one baker having to start an element over again after they burnt their cookies.

Spring Baking Championship: Easter goes from savory to sweet in an adventurous challenge

So what exactly did our bakers get as their savory item? And what did they end up creating with these dishes? Here is how the first round of Spring Baking Championship: Easter episode 3 went down:

  • Kevin – Sweet Potato Casserole: For his savory to sweet dish, he created a sweet potato cake with Swiss meringue, buttercream and candied pecans.
  • Timothy – Deviled Eggs: For his dish, Timothy whipped up a “devil egg” spiced cake with spiced rum, caramel, and a chocolate crust. (And yes, the emphasis was all on the idea of the devil.)
  • Josh – Glazed Carrots: With his savory dish inspiration, Josh ended up making parsley cookie stuffed with rum carrot cake. And it truly is designed to look like a carrot.
  • Sammy – Cornbread: With her inspiration being something like cornbread, Sammy seemed to have it pretty easy in terms of creating a delicious baked good. And the thing about her dish is she made a popcorn cheesecake. It sounds basic, but it definitely did not look basic.
  • Henderson – Potatoes au Gratin: For his savory to sweet creation, Henderson made a Dulce, de Leche cheesecake with graham cracker crust and chocolate potato chips.
  • Ruchit – Honey Glazed Ham: This dish might feel like the hardest one to transform, but for his savory to sweet creation, Ruchit made brown sugar caramel cake with hickory smoke and pineapple cherry jelly.

The winner of this challenge was ultimately Ruchit, after he truly transformed honey, glazed ham into a dish of the future. And that means he gets an advantage for the second round. For the second round, the challenge is all about creating a new time machine for the Easter bunny.

In order to make this challenge work, these bakers need to work in teams of two. And as his advantage, Ruchit gets to pick his partner. And he chose Henderson. For the rest of the bakers, it’s the luck of the draw. And the next duo chosen was Josh and Sammy. This meant Timothy and Kevin are the other duo of bakers.

Each baker has to create their own tasting element, even as they work as a team. Because they are creating their own tasting elements, this means that only one baker will be eliminated at the end of the challenge.

With just four hours to not only create a show piece time machine for an Easter bunny, but also tasting elements for both bakers, there is a lot of work that needs to be done. Each team has created an adorable design perfect for a bunny on the go.

There were some great designs and some great tasting elements, but there were also some challenges and issues. And one baker had to go home. Sadly, the eliminated baker was Josh.

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