Spring Baking Championship: Easter takes on a wedding in episode 4

Contestant Ruchit Harneja bakes during Round 2, as seen on Spring Baking Championship: Easter Season 3.
Contestant Ruchit Harneja bakes during Round 2, as seen on Spring Baking Championship: Easter Season 3. /

The Spring Baking Championship: Easter is taking on the theme of weddings in episode 4. And that means there’s an Easter wedding cake coming our way.

In the episode titled, “Something Old, New and Easter, Too!,” it is all about wedding trends. To kick things off in our first challenge of the night, the bakers have to create sweet treats with a monochromatic look. It’s all about taking one color and a specific fruit and creating a tasting plate. But to figure out who gets to pick first for the color and fruit, the bakers had to play Chubby Bunny (it’s all about shoving as many marshmallows as possible in your mouth).

Sammy won that round and she started off with the dragonfruit. And from there, the bakers got to make their pick in the order of how many marshmallows they were able to get in their mouth.

It really is all about making sure that they are bringing these colors to life. If they have a blue, then they need to give shades of blue, and if they have shades of pink, then they need to have pink popping on these plates. This is truly the biggest challenge for our bakers, as it’s as much about the flavors as it is the color palette that they had to bring to the plate.

Spring Baking Championship: Easter takes on wedding desserts in two rounds of high anxiety baking

So what colors did each of our bakers have to utilize for this first round of the Spring Baking  Championship: Easter? And what was their fruit that corresponded with these colors? Here’s how round one broke down:

  • Timothy – Orange & Tangerine: After getting the color orange and the tangerine as his fruit, Timothy whipped up a tangerine zest cake with a piped butter, cream rose.
  • Sammy – Pink & Dragon Fruit: After winning the game to pick first, Sammy ended up making a dragon fruit mousse and guava cake with dragon fruit hibiscus jam.
  • Henderson – Blue & Blueberry: Henderson got second choice for his color and fruit and went with blue. And his dessert ended up being a blueberry mousse mushroom with a white chocolate stem.
  • Kevin – Yellow & Banana: Kevin felt lucky with his choice, and his dessert definitely sounded delicious. He whipped up a roasted banana mousse with caramel and candied honeycomb brittle. (It was such a good dessert that Sunny actually got down on one knee to propose to him that he would be her banana baker for life.)
  • Ruchit – Green & Lime: Ruchit had fun with his bake, calling this, a sublime lime dessert, and making a pistachio almond cake with mint lime and jalapeño curd. And the look of his dessert was definitely sublime.

So which baker knocked it out of the park in the first round? It will probably come as no surprise after Sunny’s reaction to see that Kevin was the winner of round one and earned an advantage in round two.

For round two, our bakers have to make Easter wonderland wedding cakes. And they have to follow a wedding trend theme. We are talking things like the Las Vegas wedding, a woodland wedding, and even the gilded age. After winning the first round, Kevin has the advantage of getting to choose, which theme he would like to do for his wedding cake. He opted for the Las Vegas wedding!

Our bakers have just four hours to make these wedding cakes and design them to fit the trend themes that they have chosen. At the end of this round, one more baker will be going home.

Once again, there were some beautiful bakes from our Spring Baking Championship: Easter bakers. And while not everyone had a perfect round, there were some amazing creations and flavors.

However, someone still has to go home. And sadly, the baker who ended up being eliminated at the end of episode 4 was Ruchit.

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