New Product Alert: Pillsbury is turning these two cereals into cookies and we’re super pumped about it

Pillsbury Cereal Cookies. Image courtesy Pillsbury
Pillsbury Cereal Cookies. Image courtesy Pillsbury /

Cereal is like the universal language of love – everyone loves it, everyone eats it. The same goes for cookies too. But have you ever imagined combining those two together into one super delicious little treat? Pillsbury has already got you covered.

Their latest innovative new product is turning two of America’s most favorite cereals into soft baked cookies. Stay tuned to learn more!

Which two cereals is Pillsbury turning into delicious soft cookies?

Now, we’re finally going to make your nerves and anxiety go away and tell you which two cereals Pillsbury is turning into some delicious cookies. The first cereal is…Lucky Charms! And the second cereal is…Cinnamon Toast Crunch! Two perfect cereals turned into even more perfect cookies!

Pillsbury has taken General Mills’ two most popular flavors and turned them into something totally different, innovative, and surely to be absolutely scrumptious and delicious!

Here’s just a little bit more about the Pillsbury Cinnamon Toast Crunch Soft Baked Cookies:

  • Features a swirl of Cinnamon Toast Crunch’s ever-so-iconic Cinnadust “for sweet snacking”

Here’s just a little bit more about the Pillsbury Lucky Charms Soft Baked Cookies:

  • Includes baked-in Lucky Charms marshmallow bits for an extra lucky taste

There are also a few different nutritional-based facts that are the exact same among both varieties of said sweet treat. Both types include no high fructose corn syrup!

This brand new mashup is definitely something “that you didn’t know you needed”. Combining cereal and cookies is quite possibly one of the most genius ideas and it totally gets me thinking about what other cereals would work in this sort of sweet treat and snack combo – and let’s be real over here: I’m pretty sure that legit any sort of cereal would work – no matter what it was! What cereal would YOU mashup into a delicious cookie?!

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That’s a wrap on our analysis of the brand new Pillsbury Cookies and Cereals mashup up! Which one do you think will taste the best and ultimately being your all-time fave? Which other cereals would you choose to combine instead? Let’s chat about all of that and so so much more down in the comments below! And as always…….Eat up, y’all!!