Spare Tonic launches new flavor: Passion Fruit & Yuzu

Spare Tonic Assortment. Image courtesy Spare Tonic
Spare Tonic Assortment. Image courtesy Spare Tonic /

Probiotics are not new to the food industry. The positive impact these microorganisms have on gut health and digestion have made them mainstream and likely found in your local supermarket’s chilled cases. They’re  in a surprising amount of food products including yogurt, sauerkraut and kimchi. The Spare Food Co. has a beverage line that incorporates probiotics into a sparkling tonic and is appropriately named Spare Tonic.

The Spare Food Co. was founded by brothers Adam and Jeremy Kaye. The combination of Adam’s culinary background and work in the food waste movement along with Jeremy’s experience in the sustainable clothing industry has made the company a leader in the upcycled food movement.

In a recent press release, Jeremy noted: “The Spare Food Co. was born from our genetic love of good food and a realization that each of us has the power to make a difference in the world through the food choices we make every day.” Their company not only strives to make delicious products, but to do so by producing as little waste as possible.

Spare Tonic’s newest flavor will be available later this month!

New Spare Tonic Flavor: Passion Fruit & Yuzu. Image courtesy Spare Tonic /

The Westchester County-based company has partnered with other small New York businesses to produce, manufacture and can their tonics. The brothers have been fans of the hand-strained yogurt from Brooklyn’s The White Moustache. Since every one cup of strained yogurt that is produced leaves a byproduct of two to three cups of whey, they found a perfect supplier for the primary ingredient of their tonic. Instead of discarding this protein-filled liquid, The Spare Food Co. uses it in their Spare Tonics. This whey, along with fruit, spice and a hint of honey are the only four ingredients that make up these beverages. Each can of Spare Tonic contains 85-90% whey, making it a protein-packed beverage!

Spare Tonic currently comes in four unique flavor combinations: Lemon & Ginger, Cucumber Lime, Blueberry & Ginger and Peach & Turmeric. However, during the Natural Products Expo West (held March 7th – March 11th) the Spare Food Co. debuted the newest flavor addition to their tonic line: Passion Fruit & Yuzu.

This new flavor was named a finalist in the NEXTY Award for Best New Beverage.  According to the NEXTY Awards website, these awards “recognize the most progressive, impactful and trustworthy products in the natural products industry. [NEXTY’s] goal is to elevate brands and products that are showing up for people and planet.”

I was recently able to sample the new Passion Fruit & Yuzu flavored tonic. I always forget that passion fruit has a more tart than sweet flavor. The new Spare Tonic is the same so don’t expect something super sweet but do expect a ton of flavor.

The new flavor will be available to everyone later this month when the cans will hit store shelves. All Spare Tonic drinks are sold in individual, 12 fluid ounce cans with a suggested retail price of $3.99. They can be purchased online through sites like FreshDirect and at some Whole Foods stores. To find a retailer near you, check out the store locator on The Spare Food Co. website.

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