Spring Baking Championship: Easter is all about the ice cream and tea parties in episode 5

Contestant Timothy Hamrah, as seen on Spring Baking Championship: Easter Season 3.
Contestant Timothy Hamrah, as seen on Spring Baking Championship: Easter Season 3. /

We are down to the final four on Spring Baking Championship: Easter for 2023. And with just four bakers left, there is a lot at stake considering the prize is in sight for one of these bakers (it is the semifinal after all). At this point they have a 25% chance of actually winning the grand prize.

For the two challenges in this episode, it’s all about ice cream and a whimsical tea party! And we are here for that. While the title of the episode might be “Ice Scream, You Scream for Easter,” we know there will be more to this challenge than just a perfect ice cream, this is about a decadent sundae and more.

So for the first challenge it is all about creating a springtime sundae perfect for the Easter bunny’s day off. And each baker will have to incorporate a savory herb into their sundae, with the herb being chosen based on how the bakers do in a game of Bunny Bocce. And while you might be wondering why they are doing an ice cream challenge in a baking competition, our bakers are still incorporating things that need to be cooked (and baked in some cases).

Our bakers have 90 minutes for this sundae challenge which should give them plenty of time to figure out how to incorporate their herbs into these desserts.

Spring Baking Championship: Easter takes on ice cream and a tea party for the semifinal

So what did our Spring Baking Championship: Easter bakers end up making for their springtime sundaes? And which herb did each baker get for this challenge?

  • Henderson – Basil: For his sundae, Henderson made a basil ice cream that featured a strawberry jam with a raspberry streusel and a basil flavored lollipop.
  • Sammy – Rosemary: Sammy did a lemon rosemary ice cream that included a lemon cookie and a rosemary apple tart. (And she got some rave reviews for her ice cream flavor and baking.)
  • Kevin – Thyme: Kevin opted to make a goat cheese ice cream with a thyme cookie and a white chocolate blondie.
  • Timothy – Sage: To show off his sundae making skills, Timothy went with a Cherry mascarpone ice cream featuring a sage lemon cookie and a moss cake.

This was definitely an interesting challenge for all four of our bakers, and there were some highs and lows. Ultimately, one baker earned themselves an advantage for the main challenge, and that baker was Sammy. And her advantage for the overtop tea party challenge was a basket filled with afternoon tea must haves. She can use any or all of the ingredients she was given and none of the other bakers can use those flavors, which includes Earl Grey tea, strawberries, and clotted cream to name a few.

The bakers have to make three different desserts for this challenge and they have the added challenge of not being able to use the same flavors that Sammy won as her advantage. It’s a very open-ended challenge, as our bakers have a lot of freedom and flexibility, in terms of what they bake up. However, they have to make sure that it fits in with the idea of an Easter tea party.

As with a lot of these challenges, there were some issues for some of the bakers, and at least, in Henderson’s case he was definitely upset about how he put together his display, which caused him to get a bit emotional when talking to the judges. However, these four bakers created some true masterpieces. Sadly, even though they made some amazing desserts, someone still hast to go home.

Ultimately, the baker who went home at the end of the Spring Baking Championship: Easter semifinal was Kevin.

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