Spring Baking Championship: Easter crowns its winner with a party

Judges Zac Young and Stephanie Boswell with host Sunny Anderson, as seen on Spring Baking Championship: Easter Season 3.
Judges Zac Young and Stephanie Boswell with host Sunny Anderson, as seen on Spring Baking Championship: Easter Season 3. /

It’s time to crown a winner and hand out $25,000 on Spring Baking Championship: Easter. And that means there’s “No Party Like Easter!

That’s right! For their final challenge, it’s all about creating showstopping party displays. We are talking a next level Easter party featuring sugar, chocolate, and even a dessert inspired by a cocktail.

There are just three bakers left looking to win the title of Spring Baking Championship: Easter champion, Henderson, Sammy, and Timothy. And any one of them could easily walk away with the grand prize and the title. It’s a one round finale, and there is a lot on the line, so it makes sense that they would have six hours to create an over the top extravaganza. And it wouldn’t be a party without guests, so the last three bakers eliminated will be joining as an assistant to the final bakers.

After an egg toss battle, Sammy earned the chance to choose her assistant and cocktail first. She chose Kevin as her assistant and the aperol spritz as her cocktail inspiration. Henderson chose Ruchit and the espresso martini. Finally, Timothy got Josh and the mojito.

Spring Baking Championship: Easter gives us an Easter party to crown a winner

For their party designs Henderson is creating a breakdancing bunny party, Timothy is doing a bunny on a sugar high after eating all the chocolate eggs, while Sammy is doing a table of presents for the Easter bunny. All three designs look super cute in the design phase, but it’s all about bringing these ideas to life.

While there were some expected small issues, Sammy had a big issue that even required a little extra help from Stephanie Boswell. When trying to put one of her cakes on the display, her carrot started to split and the suggestion was to patch it and put it in the freezer to harden. But, while trying to get it into the freezer, a large chunk of the cake fell apart.

After getting the cake into the freezer, she ends up having to basically redo the bottom layer with Rice Krispie’s treats. This leads to a bit of a breakdown and ultimately a patch job that isn’t exactly what she wanted. But, it shows her determination to finish her showstopper.

Following a frantic rush to the finish, it’s time for the judging. Up first, it’s Timothy with his bunny on a sugar high. For his tasting element, he opted for a ginger Mojito cookie with carrot Mojito mousse.

The second baker to be judged is Sammy and her bunny’s present table. To make things fun, she even made it a game for the judges. She had them use mini hammers to crack open her hollow eggs. And whichever Judge got the gold sprinkles got the first slice of cake (it was Sunny). For her tasting element, she made an orange cake with rhubarb, ginger, rosemary compote.

The final baker judged was of course Henderson and his breakdancing bunny. For his tasting element, he made a chocolate tiramisu with coffee liqueur. He not only got some great compliments from the judges for his design, but his tasting element really won them over.

All three of these bakers went all out. And it’ll be sad to see two of these bakers going home without the grand prize. But, we need a winner. So who ends up winning the grand prize for the 2023 Spring Baking Championship: Easter?

The winner is…Henderson!

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