Would you tattoo your “bun” for a lifetime supply of Omaha Steaks burgers?

Omaha Steaks is upping the ante—and will gift a lifetime supply of their new steak burgers to a fan who is game to get The Full Bun Tat. Image courtesy Omaha Steaks
Omaha Steaks is upping the ante—and will gift a lifetime supply of their new steak burgers to a fan who is game to get The Full Bun Tat. Image courtesy Omaha Steaks /

When it comes to Omaha Steaks, we think of quality products and amazing meats. And while steak is in the name, their burgers are next level as well.

So what would you do for an Omaha Steaks burger? And what would you do if you could win a lifetime supply of these burgers? How far would you go? That is the question that we are asking as Omaha Steaks unveils the ultimate challenge for burger lovers.

So what exactly does Omaha Steaks want us to do to prove our dedication to their burgers? According to a press release from the company, the challenge is to actually tattoo your entire “bun” with a hyper realistic image of a burger! Obviously there’s more to this challenge and opportunity than just getting a burger tattooed on your butt. So what do you need to know?

Would you get a tattoo of a burger on your bun to win a lifetime supply of Omaha Steaks burgers?

Here’s what you need to know:

"Omaha Steaks is partnering with another master ‘Butcher’ – award-winning tattoo artist Steve Butcher – to mark the moment permanently! Butcher has created The Full Bun Tat: a hyperreal tattoo that brings the PureGround™ craftsmanship to life on your backside, covering one entire bun with a topped-and-stacked-to-the-max Omaha Steaks burger.Now through May 1 (National Burger Month, of course), burger and tattoo fans alike can visit OmahaSteaks.com/Tattoo to volunteer to get the Full Bun Tat. One lucky burger lover will be randomly selected to fly to Southern California and sit for two consecutive sessions with Steve Butcher to receive this epic symbol of delicious devotion."

On top of getting this amazing tattoo opportunity, you will also win a lifetime supply of these decadent burgers. Of course, only one person will win, but now is your chance to throw your name in the ring for the most amazing tattoo, and of course, the perfect burgers for any occasion.

And these are not just any burgers. While we have been fans of Omaha Steaks for a long time, they are consistently giving us new products to fall in love with. And that’s what’s happening with these new burgers, their line of PureGround burgers are something new and delicious to fall in love with.

There are five new burgers to choose from in this line, each made from premium, aged steak cuts that have been ground to form the patties. Wondering what the five PureGround burger options are? They are the:

"PureGround™ Brisket Burgers (Bold Flavor)PureGround™ New York Strip Burgers (Lean)PureGround™ Filet Mignon Burgers (Extra Tender and Juicy)PureGround™ Delmonico Ribeye Burgers (Rich Buttery Flavor)PureGround™ Sirloin Burgers (Beefy Steak Flavor)"

Now, if you’re anything like us, then this is pretty exciting news. We love burgers and we love trying different cuts of meat. We also love when the brands that we already enjoy are giving us new things to fall in love with. So all of this is rather exciting both in terms of the giveaway and the fact that we have a five next level burgers that we can enjoy all summer long.

Considering the quality of products that Omaha Steaks gives us, we already know that we are going to love these burgers. And if you just love steak and beef, then not only is this giveaway opportunity a must try for, but these burgers have to be on your radar for summer grilling and more. Then again, we can see these burgers, becoming a staple of our household. Which means these are not just going to be around for summer, these might make it all the way through the holidays.

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