21Seeds x Birdies introduce new shoe collection for 2023


There’s power in being female and some brands know the power. Two very important ones are 21Seeds and Birdies.

If you don’t know about these two brands, we’ve got the scoop. 21Seeds is a female-owned tequila brand that was founded in 2019. The brand began with two sisters and their friend which now spans multiple flavors of infused tequila.

As for Birdies, it’s another female-owned brand but their specialty is shoes. The brand was founded in 2015 by two busy moms who eventually became busy entrepreneurs. With multiple shoe styles under their belt now, it’s clear these two brands know their market and know exactly what women want.

That sentiment is made even clearer with a recent collaboration between the two brands which is the Top-Shelf Sneaker Collection. Essentially, it’s shoes inspired by the different tequila flavors and honestly, that sounds like the coolest thing ever.

21Seeds and Birdies Shoes introduce a collaboration for foodie fashion queens.

Birdies x 21Seed collaboration. Image courtesy Birdies x 21Seed /

If you’re looking to buy something from this unique collection, we’ve got all the details you need to know. The collection actually launched on April 25th so you’re able to get online and order it right away. The prices begin at $165 USD and each pair is inspired by a different flavor of tequila by 21Seeds.

The three options for colors are “Birdies X 21SEEDS Hibiscus Raffia” which is a pink color while the second is “Birdies X 21SEEDS Jalapeno Leather” which is green and lastly, “Birdies X 21SEEDS Valencia Leather” which is orange. Honestly, I feel like these shoes are incredibly cute, and at least, you can know you’re supporting two female-owned brands which is always great.

In a statement shared by the co-founder of Birdies: “Our brands coming together felt like a natural fit based on these shared values, and we’re excited to bring this fun new sneaker to our communities just in time for summer.” Personally, I feel like this completely sums up why these two work so well together. Summer is the perfect time to get out and have fun aka drink a little bit of 21Seeds. As for how it ties into Birdies, summer is all about being active and you want to look cute when you’re doing it.

The shoes also seem super versatile so you can either dress them up or down depending on what you’re doing. As for 21Seeds, I feel like these would be great for mixed drinks and having cocktails with your girls. Either way, I feel like there is no way you’ll want to miss out on this exciting collaboration by two female-owned brands.

All I know is that if I had the extra cash, I know I’d be ordering these in every color as they’re just so dang cute. However, I’d love to know your thoughts.

Will you be checking out this sensational collaboration between 21Seeds and Birdies? Let us know, Guilty Eaters! 

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