Spring Baking Championship season 9 episode 9: Rosé with a twist

Judges Kardea Brown, Duff Goldman, Nancy Fuller and Host Jesse Palmer, portrait, as seen on Spring Baking Championship, Season 9.
Judges Kardea Brown, Duff Goldman, Nancy Fuller and Host Jesse Palmer, portrait, as seen on Spring Baking Championship, Season 9. /

Spring Baking Championship was once again back this week and episode 9 was filled with twists and turns. You wouldn’t think it would be considering it’s the semi-final episode, but this might have been the most stressful episode of the whole season.

Let’s start with the Pre-Heat Challenge. This week, the bakers had to make Mother’s Day desserts inspired by tulips. A tulip had to be somewhere on the dessert.

Molly made an incredibly cute lemon and blueberry tulip cake, Clement made a strawberry shortcake cake with tulips coming out that top that I would have eaten in one sitting, Christian made a blackberry Maria Luisa cake with a chocolate chandelier on top, and Luke made chocolate tulip truffles and placed them in terra cotta pots.

All the desserts looked pretty good but Christian barely added a tulip to his (it was an afterthought) and Luke’s just didn’t look that great.

Spring Baking Championship was all about moms this week

But who won this round? That was Clement! The judges loved his strawberry shortcake!

On to the Main Heat! This round was all about rosé. The bakers had to make an elegant Mother’s Day dessert inspired by a specific rosé cocktail. Molly got a Rosé French 75 cocktail, Clement picked a Rosé Pomegranate cocktail, Luke got the Rosé Spritzer, and Christian received the Rosé Elderflower cocktail.

But what did they make with those flavor combinations?

Luke made a rosé spritzer ice cream sandwich with hibiscus cake, Molly created a lemon, gin, and rosé verrine which is pretty much a cake layered in a glass, Christian made a 3-D circular rosé mousse with white chocolate and elderflower cookies, and Clement made a truly inspired rosé pomegranate sphere with rose water whipped ganache and pomegranate gelee. It looked like a pomegranate. It was very cool!

But that wasn’t all they had to make. The twist was that they also had to make a granita out of the cocktail they chose. It sounds easy but considering Molly didn’t know what it was, it wasn’t so easy for everyone.

Who won? This week, it was Christian. He’s definitely not my favorite but what he made truly looked amazing.

And who went home? Well, that’s the other twist. No one went home. Luke and Molly were in the bottom two and at the start of next week’s episode, they will have to bake for their chance to be in the finale. Whoever wins will go against Clement and Christian.

But what will they have to bake to win their spot? A dozen donut wedding shower flavors. Yes, please! The judges will then pick someone to go.

For the finale of Spring Baking Championship season 9, the final three bakers will be challenged to make proposal desserts and then a wedding cake for three couples.

What did you think of this week’s episode of Spring Baking Championship? Did you agree with the judges’ critiques? Let us know in the comments below!

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