Kettle Brand adds Special Sauce chips for limited-time only

Kettle Brand Limited Edition Special Sauce. Image courtesy Kettle Brand
Kettle Brand Limited Edition Special Sauce. Image courtesy Kettle Brand /

Kettle Brand has changed the game for chips and the trend doesn’t look to be stopping anytime soon. The brand just introduced a new limited “Special Sauce” flavor to its lineup.

2023 has truly been the year for Kettle Brand. With the addition of these new Special Sauce flavor, they’re one of those chips you’ll have to taste to believe.

I feel like if you love a Big Mac or want a similar flavor profile, these chips are it. While there isn’t much to go on for flavor, Kettle Brand did share this small descriptor: “Distinctly saucy with hints of barbecue, honey mustard, and ketchup.” Now you can see why these chips needed to be tasted.

Thankfully, you don’t have to wait much longer as these Kettle Brand Special Sauce chips are rolling out on shelves now. A 7oz bag of these chips will cost you around $4.29 which is in the normal realm of Kettle Brand products.

These new Kettle Brand Special Sauce chips are great for kicking off summer.

Kettle Brand
Kettle Brand Limited Edition Special Sauce. Image courtesy Kettle Brand /

With a moniker such as “Special Sauce,” you really don’t know what you might be getting. I’m sure most of us can surmise that Kettle Brand was inspired by both the Big Mac from McDonald’s and the Animal-Style Fries from In’N’Out. Either way, this is clearly going to be a hit for those who enjoy those two foods.

These Special Sauce chips do seem like they’re destined to be a hit this summer. Whether you’re taking them to a BBQ or just having them for a snack, they just scream summer to me. There is something about the flavors of ketchup, honey mustard, and BBQ sauce together that just works.

Maybe it’s the combination of the slightly sweet elements with savory. It’s that sweet heat that works well in summer. Pairing these chips with burgers, hot dogs or even ribs can help finish your meal. You could even throw them on a regular sandwich and end up enjoying them just as much.

Regardless of how you’re intending to enjoy them, it’s clear Kettle Brand has its finger on the pulse. These Special Sauce chips are only around for a limited time though so if you see them, make sure to grab them. You could also pair them with the brand’s air-fried chips and you’re set for that day. I won’t say for a while because once you have one, you just can’t stop.

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