McDonald’s is bringing back a fan-favorite menu item and we are stoked

McDonald's Smoky & Sweet Pair. Image courtesy McDonald's
McDonald's Smoky & Sweet Pair. Image courtesy McDonald's /

So many fast food menu items come and go, mostly for marketing ploys to get people to come back and buy more whenever they make their ever-so-famous returns. For places like McDonald’s, while this doesn’t happen that often, they are bringing something back that hasn’t graced the menus for over 8 years. Are you ready to hear what that menu item is?

Back in 2015, this particular menu item was first introduced and loved by so many, but as usual, it was only for a limited time and boy did they mean that. Starting this month the Oreo Frappe will officially be back on participating McDonald’s menus for all to enjoy…again.

The Oreo Frappe is back on McDonald’s menus this month…will you be enjoying?!

The (new) Oreo Frappe will be joining the menu alongside both the Caramel and Mocha Frappes that are already being enjoyed by all of the coffee-lovers out there. While the Oreo version of this delicious drink hasn’t been on the actual menus in almost a decade, people have tried ordering it through the drive-thru by ordering a Mocha Frappe and asking for some Oreos to be blended into it; while that is a viable option, one former McDonald’s employee had previously stated, now people won’t have to order it secretly anymore!

In the United States, the Oreo Frappe hasn’t been on an actual menu in what feels like forever; however, internationally, certain Mickey D’s locations have been serving up versions of it ever since. For example, in Japan, they have what’s called the Choco Oreo Frappe, which consists of Oreos and chocolate sauce being blended into the normal vanilla ice cream. In Austria, on the other hand, they have an Oreo Frappe that consists of both chocolate cookies and Oreo crumbles, as well as some chocolate sauce being blended into the country’s ever-so-delicious vanilla ice cream.

Sources have said that the Oreo Frappe will be back on McDonald’s menu on May 17th, 2023!

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That’s a wrap on the menu item from Mickey D’s that is returning for a fan-favorite surprise! How will you be enjoying an Oreo Frap? Let’s chat about all of that and oh so much more down in the comments section down below! And as always…….drink up, be safe, and enjoy, y’all!