Cinco De Mayo: 5 Taco Bell items for a cheap feast

Pyramid Service Management LLC will soon open a Taco Bell restaurant in the Barnegat 67 community. Barnegat, NJTuesday, March 9, 2021Taco030921a.jpg
Pyramid Service Management LLC will soon open a Taco Bell restaurant in the Barnegat 67 community. Barnegat, NJTuesday, March 9, 2021Taco030921a.jpg /

There are a lot of misconceptions about Cinco De Mayo. Firstly, it’s not Mexican Independence Day but rather a special day in Puebla. For the United States, it’s an excuse to enjoy some Taco Bell.

Minor shade aside, Cinco De Mayo is honestly not that big of a deal in Mexico. In America though, we’ll find an excuse to go out and eat some non-traditional Mexican food. For some, that’s Taco Bell.

As far as fast-food restaurants go, Taco Bell is on the cheaper end so you really can’t go wrong whether you’re looking to celebrate or not. Even though Taco Bell isn’t the best in terms of quality, it’s the best in terms of wanting to get some cheap eats while also wanting to be full.

If you’re looking to celebrate Cinco De Mayo and Taco Bell is your only option, then we’ve got 5 recommendations on what to order.

These 5 Taco Bell items are solid picks for a Cinco De Mayo feast.

Nacho Fries, taco bell
Taco Bell’s Nacho Fries Return /

1. Nacho Fries

The first item I have to recommend is one that’s been on the menu on and off for years. However, the Nacho Fries are finally back on the menu.  While it might not seem like all that, the Nacho Fries are surprisingly good. if you’ve never had them, they’re just regular seasoned french fries with nacho cheese.

These are perfect for sharing or just having as a side with your favorite Taco Bell offering. While I still prefer regular nachos and cheese, I do think nacho fries are tasty and are great for any Cinco De Mayo celebration you might be doing.

Taco Bell
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2. Mexican Pizza

With all the hubbub surrounding the Mexican Pizza, you knew it was going to end up on my list. As far as Taco Bell items go, this one takes the cake. I’ve never seen TB fans be so vocal in their displeasure when this was taken off the menu. Thankfully, we have no worries about that now.

If you’ve never eaten a Mexican Pizza, then you might be curious as to what it consists of. Aside from the two shells, there’s seasoned beef, beans, Mexican pizza sauce, cheese, and tomatoes. It’s not the most authentic pizza but this is Taco Bell we’re talking about. Plus it’s a celebration so who doesn’t love a little pizza at a celebration?

3. Chicken Quesadilla

One of the most underrated items on the Taco Bell menu is easily the chicken quesadilla. With a price tag of just under $6.00 dollars, it’s a surprisingly filling meal. Featuring grilled chicken, a three-cheese blend, and creamy chipotle sauce, these are the ultimate meal and even, sometimes a great snack to share.

Usually, the quesadillas are loaded full of chicken and cheese so they’ll get your money’s worth. If you’re looking for some value for your money, then I’d highly suggest getting one for you or maybe two if you’re looking to have a late-night snack.

4. Taco Bell’s Meal For 2

Whether you’re feeding just you or even a crowd, you might realize that Taco Bell actually has some meal deals. Aside from the chain’s creative boxes, there are also options for “Meal For 2” and “Meal For 4.” However, the meal for 2 seems the best deal as it contains a lot of food and might end up feeding more than two people.

At my local TB, the price comes to $13.50, and will give you 2 CrunchWrap Supremes, 2 Bean Burritos, 2 Soft Tacos, and 2 Chips and Cheese. As long as you’re not big eaters, I feel like this could feed more than 2 people and is the ultimate deal for Cinco De Mayo. However, this one is an online exclusive so be sure to either order it online or via the Taco Bell app.

5. Cheesy Bean and Rice Burrito

The last item making the cut is one of the chain’s best values if you’re low on cash or just need something quick to fill you up. The cheesy bean and rice burrito comes with beans, creamy chipotle sauce, nacho cheese, and rice. Honestly, if there’s one item actually worth your money, it’s this as it’s only $1.00.

While the Taco Bell Cravings Value Menu is a bit sparse these days, the Cheesy Bean and Rice Burrito is it. Even though it might not be traditional Cinco De Mayo fare, it’s tasty and won’t break the bank so you really can’t ask for more.

Honestly, this post was just fun as I’m a huge fan of Taco Bell and will use any excuse to eat there. I mean I think Cinco De Mayo is a great occasion but it’s also Friday so sometimes, you don’t need a reason to get some Taco Bell.

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What do you think of my TB Cinco De Mayo picks? What would you add to the list? Share with us, Guilty Eaters!