Nutella Biscuits are the new sweet treat we love

Nutella Biscuits. Image courtesy Nutella
Nutella Biscuits. Image courtesy Nutella /

When it comes to sweet treats, there are a lot of options on the market. And while we often turn to Nutella for their decadent hazelnut and cocoa spread as an option, sometimes we want something a little more substantial.

Sure, we can enjoy Nutella in a wide range of ways, including on sandwiches, with crackers, on crepes, and even right off the spoon, but sometimes we want a treat we don’t have to put together ourselves. Luckily for us, the brand has us covered with the perfect snack of the summer.

Recently, while doing a shopping trip to Walmart, we came across a bag labeled New Nutella Biscuits. And if you were wondering, these biscuits are medallion cookies with a heart on top that are filled with the delicious hazelnut and cocoa spread we all know and love.

Nutella Biscuits are a crunchy cookie filled with the magic of cocoa and hazelnut spread

We decided to snag a bag of the Nutella Biscuits to try for ourselves and we are so glad we did. While these cookies are not terribly sweet thanks to the biscuit itself, there is that hint of sweetness thanks to the Nutella spread center. Honestly, they remind us of the Nutella & Go with Breadsticks treat, but in a cookie form.

Basically, these are perfect for people who not only love the combination of cocoa and hazelnut together, but who are also looking for a treat that isn’t too sweet. And we have to point out that the crispness of the cookie is the perfect counterpoint to the soft spread in the center, which is what makes it the perfect snack for summer and beyond.

On top of being a delicious treat, we love that we were able to snag a bag for as little as $3.98 at Walmart. If we can enjoy a sweet treat we enjoy without breaking the bank, count us in.

Honestly, we love Nutella any way we can get it. And these cookies are just a great option for snacking made easy.

Have you seen these cookies in a store near you yet? Would you try them? Or have you tried them yet? Let us know what you think of these biscuits down in the comments.

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