Kinder Chocolate is finally coming to the States this summer

Ferrero 2023 Sweets and Snacks Expo Debut Offerings. Image courtesy Ferrero
Ferrero 2023 Sweets and Snacks Expo Debut Offerings. Image courtesy Ferrero /

You may already be familiar with Kinder Bueno, but in Europe Kinder Chocolate is a flagship offering for Ferrero. It’s a staple for the brand of premium chocolates and one that many of us in the States have never had a chance to try for ourselves.

And finally, Kinder Chocolate is coming to the United States, giving chocolate lovers stateside something to look forward to this summer. As part of the confectioner’s plan for growth in the states, they are finally bringing their signature chocolate to the country.

While Kinder was originally launched in 1968 in Europe, the brand first came to the United States in 2018. It started with the Kinder Joy launch and has since grown to include seasonal products that started in 2020 and Kinder Bueno, which was introduced to the United States in 2019. However, the missing piece has been the iconic Kinder Chocolate Bars.

And now we don’t have to wait any longer, as Kinder Chocolate will officially hit the United States in August. For those unfamiliar with what makes the Kinder Chocolate bar so special it is the signature milk chocolate filled with a creamy dairy filling. It’s simplicity taken to another level.

Kinder Chocolate Bars are heading to the United States in August 2023

Finally, people will see exactly what they’ve been missing when it comes to the Kinder lineup. And we cannot wait. We are already big fans of both Kinder Bueno and Kinder Joy, so we can’t wait for the classic Kinder Chocolate Bars to hit the United States.

And it seems like Ferrero is excited as well, as they are not only looking to expand their business in the US, but they’re actually working to make a name for themselves by continuing their growth in the United States with their Kinder lineup. Considering they are essentially a luxury brand of chocolate, we are excited to have a new chocolate bar to reach for in stores starting this summer.

I know we are excited for this U.S. expansion, but what do you think about the arrival of Kinder Chocolate Bars in the states? Will you be snagging a bar as soon as they hit stores this August? Let us know over on Twitter.

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