NotMayo by Kraft-Heinz is here for Memorial Day weekend

Kraft NotCo Mayo. Image courtesy Kraft
Kraft NotCo Mayo. Image courtesy Kraft /

Everyone has something they can’t live without, while others have no choice. For those who can’t or either don’t want to eat regular mayonnaise, NotMayo by Kraft-Heinz is the brand’s latest innovation.

I feel like mayonnaise is one of those condiments everyone has an opinion on. Some love it, some hate it while others are dairy-free. Thankfully, NotMayo is here to hopefully alleviate the burden of trying to find an alternative to regular mayonnaise.

Regardless of which camp you fall into, you can’t deny that a name like “NotMayo” is one of the most unique ones out there. It’s clear the company is excited about this new product as it’s rolling out just before Memorial Day and is ideal for those grilling over the weekend.

NotMayo may not have been on your radar for the holiday weekend, but it could be something new to add to your shopping list.

NotMayo from Kraft-Heinz is an exciting plant-based alternative.

Kraft NotCo Mayo. Image courtesy Kraft /

There is some good news especially if you’re on a long holiday weekend which is that NotMayo is now rolling out on Target shelves in select stores, while being available to ship nationwide. In addition to that, you can find it on the shelves of Meijer, Wakefern, and Giant Eagle. Of course, if you’re plant-based, then I’m sure you’ll travel to as many stores as you have to for NotMayo.

There are many options of things you can make with NotMayo, especially for Memorial Day weekend. Whether you’re making a batch of potato salad, need it for burgers or even making your own ranch, there is no shortage of things to try out for a holiday. Even if you’re spending Memorial Day at home, relaxing, you might want to add some to a sandwich or whip together a quick snack.

Regardless, I feel like this is a major step for plant-based consumers. I know a few plant-based people who will be adding this to their carts. Getting the texture and taste right is what some people tend to struggle with. However, NotMayo has gotten great reviews and honestly seems like the best alternative to regular mayonnaise.

Will you be adding NotMayo to your Memorial Day grocery list this weekend? Share with us in the comments, Guilty Eaters! 

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