Embrace your inner Kevin Jonas with new Eggo products

Eggo Innovations. Image courtesy Eggo
Eggo Innovations. Image courtesy Eggo /

People have strong opinions on things such as Eggo Waffles and the Jonas Brothers. Maybe that’s not technically true, but I know that I do.

As a fan of Eggo Waffles and the Jonas Brothers, I was thrilled to see them featured in the band’s latest collab. This time, the brothers teamed up with Nick DiGiovanni, known for his incredibly popular short-form cooking videos.

This time, the trio including Nick featured the “3 Levels of Waffles” with Kevin Jonas putting an Eggo waffle in the microwave while Nick made waffles on a waffle iron. As for Joe, he took already-made waffles and added toppings to them as a step up from Nick’s.

As you might imagine, many of us had strong feelings about Kevin putting an Eggo waffle in the microwave (How?!) With that being said, the company has a few options for those on that level 1 of waffles or those looking to embrace their inner Kevin Jonas.

Eggo has new products to help you embrace your inner Kevin Jonas.

If you haven’t watched the video yet, I included the clip above. If you’re using a microwave, then I can only imagine how soggy those waffles are. Don’t be like Kevin and use a toaster with these first two.

For this spring/summer, the brand shared three new products which all sound delicious. Keeping with the theme of waffles, Eggo has the “Eggo Chocolatey Chip Banana Waffles” which are the waffles we’ve come to know and love but with the addition of banana and chocolate chips. I don’t know about you, but those sound perfect for brunch.

If you’re looking for something for the littles ones or just want something a little smaller, there’s the “Eggo Berry Blast Mini Toast Waffles” which are the small waffles but with a blast of berry flavors such as strawberry and blueberry. If you’re feeling incredibly similar to Kevin though and don’t want to waste time with a toaster, then the “Eggo Vanilla Bean Grab & Go Liege-Style Waffles” need to be on your list.

The Eggo Vanilla Bean Grab & Go Liege-Style Waffles don’t require anything more than you grabbing one and eating it. These are great for snacking or if you have little ones that are prone to being messy. As shared by the brand, “While sold out of the freezer aisle, these waffles can go right into the pantry for added convenience – they’re shelf stable for 15 days at room temperature (or up to 35 days in the refrigerator).” That’s always a plus especially if you’re the only one eating them.

Regardless of which “waffle level” you’re at, you can’t go wrong with any of these new Eggo products. You also can’t go wrong with streaming “Waffle House” by the Jonas Brothers. No matter which you decide to do first, always make sure to embrace your inner Kevin Jonas.

What do you think, Guilty Eaters? Will you be trying out any of these new Eggo products this spring/summer? 

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