Is Auntie Anne’s open on Memorial Day 2023?

If there is a one thing we love most about walking around a mall, it would have to be hitting up places like Auntie Anne’s to get a soft pretzel. And luckily for us, there are other places to get our hands on these buttery, salty pretzels (and yes they have sweet or spicy options too) of deliciousness.

From food trucks to mall stands, there is something about an Auntie Anne’s pretzel that we cannot resist. And luckily for us, we don’t have to.

But what about on Memorial Day? Is this one of the days where we can enjoy a soft pretzel and an ice cold lemonade?

Will Auntie Anne’s be open on Memorial Day?

Not only will Auntie Anne’s be open on Memorial Day, but it seems like they will also be offering a special deal to their rewards members. According to the press email that we here at Guilty Eats received, on May 29 Auntie Anne’s rewards members will exclusively be able to save $2 off of any order of $12 or more.

This is a one day deal that we truly can’t resist, especially since this means saving on something we already love to snack on. But, that’s not the only offer that Auntie Anne’s has available right now.

The company’s second offer is one that is good from now until June 25. And that deal sees their customers receiving a free cinnamon sugar pretzel or one of their original pretzels with any online gift card purchase. What this means is that when you make an online purchase of a gift card, you will then receive a coupon/reward for a free soft pretzel.

Any chance we get to save money on our favorite Guilty Eats, count us in. And this Memorial Day, it is clear that Auntie Anne’s is making it easy to save money on one of our favorite treats.