Ranking all 7 flavors of Just Crack an Egg cups

Kraft Heinz’s Just Crack an Egg. Image courtesy of just crack an egg.
Kraft Heinz’s Just Crack an Egg. Image courtesy of just crack an egg. /

When it comes to finding a quick breakfast on the go, Just Crack an Egg is an excellent option for people with a busy lifestyle. And with seven flavors to choose from, you might be wondering which one to reach for first.

In honor of National Egg Day 2023, we decided to do the dirty work of ranking all seven flavors of Just Crack an Egg cups. It was hard work, but someone had to do it!

I will say that I love the ease of use of these egg cups for breakfast. However, I am a cheese fiend. That means that I love everything extra cheesy, and these egg cups just don’t have enough cheese for me. So every single time I have tried these cups, I have first taken a bite without the extra cheese, and then I’ve added my cheese to them. So I can tell you my thoughts on them, both without the extra cheese and with it. And I just think that is important to note as you take a look at my rankings.

Ranking all seven flavors of Just Crack an Egg

Just crack an egg
Kraft Heinz’s Just Crack an Egg. Image courtesy of just crack an egg. /
  • 7. Rustic Scramble – I will admit that the Rustic Scramble was perhaps my least favorite flavor, and that saying something because it was still quite tasty. I think the thing that detracted from this one a bit was the mozzarella and turkey sausage. For this flavor, I would have preferred a cheddar or even an American cheese. And I’m not the biggest fan of turkey sausage, so this cup landed in seventh in my eyes.
  • 6. Southwest Style – I did enjoy the Southwest Style of scramble, however, I don’t think the jalapeño peppers popped as much as I was hoping they would. Even though I am not the biggest fan of spicy eggs, I still wanted more zing with this one. It was good, but it didn’t pop.
  • 5. Protein Packed – The Just Crack an Egg Protein Packed scramble was a bit tricky. I think by not having vegetables in this mix, it actually needed less time in the microwave. Also, I definitely needed the extra cheese in this one because otherwise it was a lot of meat. Considering this particular breakfast is just sharp cheddar, pork, sausage, and bacon, I just feel like it was missing the magic of veggies. Even adding onion could have made this one a star. That being said, this one was tasty. I love a meaty scramble, and that’s what we got with this one.
  • 4. Veggie – I don’t think you can ever go wrong with a Veggie Scramble. And this one from Just Crack an Egg was very tasty, especially with two kinds of cheddar cheese in the mix. I did add extra cheese because that’s who I am, but this one doesn’t necessarily need it. Honestly, this was very tasty. I just wish that there was a version of these scramble cup that had this mix of veggies with sausage added to it.
  • 3. All American -Now that we have hit the top three, it is definitely harder to differentiate between these flavors. However, All American lands in third place because I wish it had sausage in it. I think the bacon in this one is tasty and this is a tasty option, but I almost wish the sausage had replaced the bacon. This one is very simple with just Potatoes, Cheddar, and bacon. And that’s a winner. I’m just not as big of a bacon fan in the morning as I am a sausage fan. So that is a me thing, I know.
  • 2. Denver Scramble – In second place, we have the Denver Scramble. This one features, ham, Cheddar, potatoes, peppers, and onions. It’s exactly what we expect from a classic Denver omelette. And it is delicious. Honestly, I can’t think of any ways. This could be improved except maybe adding more cheese. I know I’m obsessed.
  • 1. The Ultimate Scramble – In the top spot for Just Crack an Egg rankings, we have to have the Ultimate Scramble. It’s in the name! This is the ultimate breakfast scramble, featuring cheddar cheese, pork sausage, red and green peppers, onions, and of course, potatoes. This one was absolutely my favorite. I loved the blend of green and red peppers with onions. The cheese is the perfect option, I just wish there was more. And of course the fact that it had sausage made this my favorite.

These scramble cups are so tasty that we can’t wait to see if they drop more flavors. And it makes us want to try their omelette rounds as well. And for National Egg Day, this is a great way to try something new that may just make breakfast so much easier all year long.

If you have ever tried this brand before, we want to know. And we want to know what your favorite flavors are.

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