Pizza Hut announces the new Pickle Pizza

For some reason that escapes me right now, pickles are having something of a moment in the sun. The pickle seems to be everywhere in foodie nation as of late, with every food blogger taking about pickles like they’re a brand new thing. And the folks at Pizza Hut have noticed.

Because say what you want about Pizza Hut, but they are never one to pass on a food trend. They have long been known for putting just about anything on top of one of their iconic pizzas, even if that means some shade being thrown their way.

So of course with pickles having their time in the sun, Pizza Hut decided what better way to celebrate than to add some to one of their pizzas and offer it up for the hungry masses. Which is why they have announced the arrival of the one and only Pickle Pizza.

The Pickle Pizza will only be available at Pizza Hut for a very limited time.

Pizza Hut Launches The Pickle Pizza. Image courtesy Pizza Hut

So what do you get when you order a Pickle Pizza? Glad you asked.

The Pickle Pizza includes a hand tossed crust that has been covered with Buttermilk Ranch and then topped with crispy breaded chicken breast that has been kicked up a notch with a dose of Nashville Hot Seasoning. Add a healthy amount of cheese, white onions and of course the spicy dill pickles and you have a Pickle Pizza.

This masterpiece of pizza will be available for a limited time or while supplies last for $17.99 and is only available at the Pizza Hut located on 8th Avenue in New York City until June 11. So if you want one prepare to take a road trip to the Big Apple.

However, if the reaction is good enough, you can probably expect The Pickle Pizza to show up at a Pizza Hut near you sooner rather then later. At least, the pickle lovers of the world can hope so.

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