Seattle Chocolate launches new Summer Scoops flavors

Seattle Chocolate assortment. Image courtesy Seattle Chocolate
Seattle Chocolate assortment. Image courtesy Seattle Chocolate /

Chocolate is a way of life which is why so many great companies are making chocolate, including Seattle Chocolate.

If that name doesn’t sound familiar, you’re not alone because what it might lack in recognition, the brand makes up for in taste. Since its inception in 1991, Seattle Chocolate has changed the game for those looking for a sweet treat.

While there have been some changes in flavors and collections over the years, the company has kept its mission clear: to make tasty chocolates for us to enjoy. Plus it’s also a woman-owned company so that’s always something to get excited about.

For June, the brand is introducing its new summer collection, the Summer Scoops, which are chocolate treats based on your favorite ice cream flavors.

Seattle Chocolate adds a new Summer Scoops collection!

Seattle Chocolate
Seattle Chocolate assortment. Image courtesy Seattle Chocolate /

No matter which flavor or variety you’re looking for, the Summer Scoops collection is full of delicious sweets. As far as chocolate bars go, there are some options which are Neapolitan which is a mix of chocolate, strawberry, and vanilla, and Mint Chip which is a combination of white chocolate and mint covered in dark chocolate. Lastly is Vanilla Orange Cream which is white chocolate with some orange oil and even, freeze-dried orange plus it’s also an orange bar which sounds so cool.

Chocolate bars aren’t the only things offered in this collection, though. You can also get truffles which come in pint containers. There is the malted milk ball flavor which is a chocolate malt-flavored truffle along with a mint chip truffle which is dark chocolate with a mint center. Last but not least, there is the vanilla orange cream which is an orange chocolate with a white chocolate center.

No matter which flavor or flavors you’re looking to try, Seattle Chocolate has options for that, too which are the Summer Scoops Truffle Bar Trio which includes one of each of the three bars. You can also get a Straight to the Pint gift set which is a box featuring all three truffle pints. Rounding out the sampler options are Ice Cream Social Gift Set which is a mix of chocolate bars and truffles from the collection for a set price.

All in all, if you’re a chocolate fan or just want a taste of something new, I highly recommend looking into the Seattle Chocolate Summer Scoops collection. I feel like this is the best of both worlds for both chocolate and ice cream lovers so you really can’t go wrong.

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What do you think, Guilty Eaters? Will you be trying out any of Seattle Chocolate’s Summer Scoops collection?