Summer Baking Championship season 1 episode 6: It’s Pride Month!

Host Jesse Palmer, portrait, as seen on Spring Baking Championship, Season 9.
Host Jesse Palmer, portrait, as seen on Spring Baking Championship, Season 9. /

Summer Baking Championship was back on Food Network and on this week’s episode, it was all about grilling and Pride! Nothing says grilling like rainbows and grilling! And with only five bakers remaining, the contestants had to step up their game.

For the Pre-Heat challenge, the bakers had to make a dessert with a grilled element and they grilled everything from pineapple and peaches to puff pastry and pound cake. Unfortunately, not everyone did as well as they thought. Anrika’s cake and Yohann’s puff pastry were both a little too grilled and tasted burnt. They also weren’t impressed with John’s pound cake or his fondant work.

But who won? It was Zoe! The judges loved her blondie with grilled peaches.

On to the Main Heat! With June being Pride Month, the bakers had to make desserts that were rainbow on the inside and the outside. But…it couldn’t be a cake. Or only Zoe could make a cake because she won the first challenge. Everyone else had to make a different dessert.

Summer Baking Championship was all about Pride this week

But what did they make? Zoe made a rainbow almond cake with candy that spilled out when she cut it and an upside-down ice cream cone on top, Anrika made a rainbow pavlova, John made an Italian rainbow cookie, Zoe made a rainbow macaron tower, and Yohann made a rainbow tart with a rainbow no-bake cheesecake on top.

Oh, and there was a twist! They all had to include rainbow cereal in their dessert. Definitely not the easiest thing in the world.

All the desserts were so bright and colorful! It was so great to see. Unfortunately, not all the desserts tasted the best. John’s was too sweet and needed more filling, Alyssa’s tasted a little one-note, and Zoe’s was great for a kid but not great for an adult.

Damaris Phillips also brought up that Yohann’s colors were not in the right order of the rainbow which…was a totally unnecessary thing to say. Like, come on!

Who won? It was Yohann and he totally deserved it! His dessert was complex and colorful and absolutely gorgeous! Zoe came in second and Anrika was also safe. That left Alyssa and John in the bottom two and it was John that went home this week

Next week, it’s all about Barbie! For the first challenge, the bakers will have to make pink desserts using pink grapefruit and pink pineapple and then they will have to create a toy cake that looks like it would fit in Barbie’s Dreamhouse!

What did you think of this week’s episode of Summer Baking Championship? Which dessert was your favorite? Let us know in the comments below!

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