Patrick Mahomes and Coors Light team up for Coors Light Bear

Coors Light Bear promotion. Image courtesy Coors Light
Coors Light Bear promotion. Image courtesy Coors Light /

There are some things that go together. For Kansas City residents, that might be Patrick Mahomes and Coors Light.

Then again if you’re a Kansas City Chiefs fan, they might just go with Patrick Mahomes, and with that comes a certain level of fame. Of course, that also means fans are more willing to support your causes and sponsorships.

That’s why it’s awesome to see Patrick Mahomes and Coors Light teaming up with a unique product. Coupled with the fact that Father’s Day is right around the corner too, this might be a good belated Father’s Day gift for Dad.

If you’re a fan of Patrick Mahomes or enjoy a cold Coors Light on gameday, you might find the Coors Light Bear incredibly useful.

Patrick Mahomes and Coors Light combine for the Coors Light Bear this June.

Before getting into the product, you might not know this but active NFL players cannot promote beer which makes sense. Regardless, that’s not to say Mahomes can’t promote other products from the company including the Coors Light Bear.

While the product name conjures a certain image, you might be surprised to know that the Coors Light Bear is “a bear-shaped golf club cover and is Coors Light’s most recent merch drop.” I don’t know about you but I’m not a golfer so I was incredibly surprised by what this was. Even so, it is a cool idea.

The Coors Light Bear is being released as a limited supply from June 15th until the 18th and then again, on the 25th. The product has a price tag of $15.00 and is while supplies last. However, the coolest thing is that fans can enter to win an autographed bear club cover from June 11th until July 15th.

I won’t talk much more as the words of Patrick Mahomes say it better than I can: “When I’m on the golf course, I always need my Coors Light Bear,” said Patrick Mahomes. “It’s great to work with one of my favorite brands, especially during the off-season when I can find a moment to chill.” I don’t know about you, but if Patrick Mahomes thinks something is good, then it must be good since he’s a former Super Bowl champion and all.

Either way, I think this would be a great belated Father’s Day gift or something to gift the Patrick Mahomes fan who enjoys cracking open a cold one. Honestly, this is such a fun idea and I feel like this was a great workaround for both the company and Mahomes.

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