Kraft Heinz Not Company adds new Kraft NotCheese slices

Kraft Not Cheese Slices. Image courtesy Kraft
Kraft Not Cheese Slices. Image courtesy Kraft /

Being plant-based isn’t always easy. However, Kraft Heinz is making things a bit easier for those who are.

Whether it’s by choice or necessity, everyone loves cheese. That’s why Kraft Heinz is changing things up. The brand is introducing a new product to its lineup with the Kraft NotCheese Slices.

That’s not the only change the company is making, though. The brand is being “renamed” into the Kraft Heinz Not Company. Essentially, it’s a way to show support for this new Kraft product.

Of course, if you’re plant-based or just want something with different ingredients, there is a lot to be excited about with these new NotCheese Slices.

Kraft NotCheese Slices are coming in hot for your 4th of July cooking.

If you’re planning to grill out for the 4th of July, you’re in luck if you’re plant-based with Kraft’s latest innovation. These new NotCheese Slices are similar to the brand’s classic slices including the texture which is the main complaint for those who eat plant-based items.

Looking at the ingredients for Kraft’s NotCheese slices, these feature chickpea and coconut oil along with no artificial flavors or dyes. Considering that the brand is known for being one of the best products for grilling, this is an amazing innovation. Of course, the grill isn’t the only place you can enjoy these.

For the 4th of July, you might consider having a snack of cheese and crackers or even, making your own Charcuterie board. You could even just be snagging a slice for a snack, we won’t judge. Regardless if you’re cooking or not, these new NotCheese Slices will help make your 4th of July a little tastier.

Even if you’re not plant-based, I’m sure someone in your life will be excited about this development. Personally, I feel like Kraft-Heinz Not Company has been doing amazing with these new plant-based options. I feel like years ago, there would never be as much variety but Kraft is making sure everyone will feel included which is always good. Plus who doesn’t love a little cheese on the 4th of July? There’s nothing more American than that.

Will you be adding Kraft’s NotCheese slices to your 4th of July menu? Let us know, Guilty Eaters. 

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