The Great Food Truck Race faces a “Team-Plosion” in season 16 episode 3

The Great Food Truck Race. Image courtesy Food Network
The Great Food Truck Race. Image courtesy Food Network /

The Great Food Truck Race: David vs Goliath season is truly underway and tensions are running high, with some teams struggling to work together. And what makes things even more interesting is the fact that even some of the pro teams are struggling a bit to get it together it seems.

For their third week in The Great Food Truck Race, it’s time for the “Big Ticket Challenge.” The teams need to pull in groups and they need to upsell. And whichever truck has the ticket with the biggest sales, will win something big (of course Tyler is not revealing what they win just yet).

As the challenge kicks off, Khana is continuing to struggle with communication. And it is clear right away that they are going to struggle this episode.

While the food trucks are getting set up, they get a surprise call from Tyler letting them know they are getting an almond milk delivery. Every truck needs to create an almond milk dish for their menu and in combination with their big ticket challenge, the winning ticket must not only have the largest amount of sales, it also have the almond milk dish included as having been sold to the customers.

The Great Food Truck Race takes on a big ticket challenge and an almond milk dish

With this almond milk challenge, it felt like the Easy Vegan truck had a bit of an advantage, but the reality is that all of the trucks seemed to embrace this particular challenge. And right away, it sounds like quite a few of the teams are seeing success with their almond milk dishes.

For the Paisani food truck, they are once again struggling to bring in the customers. And they aren’t alone in struggling, as even the Creperie truck was having a hard time getting sales, until a customer from their first day shows up with a huge order for them!

For Khana, they received a fun surprise as Kumail Nanjiani and his wife Emily showed up to try their food. And it was a beautiful moment for the truck, as they got to speak to the actor and even made him a bit emotional over the Pakistani food. Plus, right after that amazing ticket, they actually get a giant order from the local cafe looking to feed everyone there as a way of supporting the Khana food truck.

At the end of the day, there were some big sales, and there were some trucks that clearly struggled. For the start of day two, Tyler calls to reveal who won the big ticket challenge. And it was Lisa’s Creperie who ended up winning by over $100. So what did they win? They won the chance to switch a team member or keep their truck together. And they chose to keep their truck together, but everyone else is forced to switch out their trucks.

In second place with the big ticket sales there was the Easy Vegan, who decided to swap with Da Bald Guy. Next it was Khana, who decided to choose Paisani. By default, this left 2 Girls Jamaican Tacos and D’Pura Cepa swapping.

And there is a second challenge. The trucks have to create a paired sharing dish for their menu, it’s basically a combo dish that works together. And the winner of this challenge gets money added to their till at the end of the day.

For D’Pura Cepa, the biggest challenge of the day for them is their truck generator going out, which means they have no electricity for the truck. They need to get a jump before they can get cooking.

After a long two days, it is time for the elimination. And team dynamics might be what sends one of these teams home.

During the elimination talk with Tyler, Khana actually gets pulled aside by Tyler and a Great Food Truck Race producer. And after a chat, Khana chooses to part way with their member, Jake. It’s the first time the show has ever seen someone fired on camera. Unfortunately for Khana, they are not only working with just two people, but the other teams seem to have lost respect for them as well.

But at the end of the day, there is still an elimination that needs to be handled. So who won the paired share challenge? It was Da Bald Guy, who got the $300 in their till.

So who made the most after two days of sales? The first place team was Da Bald Guy.

And who was eliminated this time? Sadly, it was Paisani that went home this time.

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