Danone North America shares eye-opening food equity study

NEW STUDY: Americans Rank Access to Nutritious Foods as Important as Healthcare. Image Courtesy of Danone North America.
NEW STUDY: Americans Rank Access to Nutritious Foods as Important as Healthcare. Image Courtesy of Danone North America. /

Everyone has a different priority when it comes to health. Danone North America decided to take that a step further.

The company has many brands under its belt but a recent study by the company gave us a lot to think about. Danone North America shared a study which is called the State of Nutritional Equity which is frankly something a lot of us have on our minds.

If you didn’t know, nutritional equity involves being able to access nutritional foods and prioritize what you’re putting in your body. However, with the rise in prices, there is no doubt a lot of Americans have thrown this idea out the window in favor of saving money.

Thankfully, Danone North American decided to share its study in which the company broke down the opinions and facts shared by over 4,000 Americans, all of different races, ages, and incomes.

See the eye-opening figures from Danone North America’s study.

The study went into a lot of different factors within it, and the brand even shared the 7-page study with us, which was so interesting. Food accessibility ranked third among the issues plaguing Americans with the first two being the Cost of Living and the economy. As you can see, food accessibility coming in third is not surprising given just how much the cost of food has gone up within the past three years.

What is even more surprising is that Healthcare was tied with Food accessibility, showing just how much of a problem this has become for consumers. It’s honestly not easy out there regardless if you’re single or married. Things are even tougher when you add children into the mix as it’s hard to be able to afford enough food for one person, let alone multiple people.

One thing I found most interesting that Danone shared was: “While 75% of people find it important to eat nutritious foods, less than 40% of Americans consider the foods they eat to be extremely or very nutritious, and this disparity is either the same or more significant for multicultural consumers. This gap is even more pronounced among low-income Americans – as many as seven out of ten reported that they do not eat a very nutritious diet.” As someone who works at a grocery store, I can see this firsthand with people prioritizing just getting a meal rather than worrying about how nutritious it is.

While nutrition was important to families, now it’s more about being able to get food and having enough for everyone. Frankly, it’s not easy to be able to split hairs and see what you’re able to afford week by week. If anything, it proves just how costly certain things are and Danone’s study only emphasized what a lot of consumers are going through.

Thankfully, Danone is working on solutions including supporting WIC, which is amazing for those who have children and want to get them nutritious foods. Additionally, the brand is working on and supporting initiatives that will help with food accessibility. Honestly, with how things are going, it’s nice to see Danone stepping up.

What do you think of this study? Are you surprised by what Danone North America shared? Let us know in the comments. 

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