The Great Food Truck Race gives us the fallout from the “team-plosion”

The Great Food Truck Race. Image courtesy Food Network
The Great Food Truck Race. Image courtesy Food Network /

In episode 3 of The Great Food Truck Race we saw one pro team go home and another team implode as they fired one of their members. It was a drama-filled episode and one that we expect to see fallout from in episode 4.

At the start of the episode, Khana reveals that they are bringing a new member of the team to their truck. And they did it in the form of a former competitor from The Block food truck. This means that the Khana team will be starting this leg of the challenge in the hole $219 as they must pay for the plane ticket for their new team member. (And it is clear that some of the other trucks are not happy with what’s happening with this team.)

Honestly, The Great Food Truck Race has never seen a teammate fired or a new teammate being brought onto a truck like this. And it makes sense that some of the teams might not be happy with Khana and how they are handling things.

Moving past the Khana decisions, Chef Antonia Lofaso has a challenge for the teams. In “Can They Do That?,” the teams must take inspiration from an iconic dish from Lofaso’s menu and showcase their abilities and how they can bring their flavors to life. It’s taking a dish and making it your own, without doing a true recreation.

The Great Food Truck Race gives us the fallout of Khana firing one of their members and sees a shift in the standings for one pro truck

This is a taste challenge, with Antonia Lofaso and Tyler Florence as the judges (of course). And they win $300 for their truck’s till, plus an unnamed advantage. So which food truck will end up winning this challenge?

There were some amazing dishes created by the food trucks. And some of the comments from the judges made it clear that these chefs came to win!

So which truck ended up winning over the judges? That would actually be Khana! Not only did they end up with $300 in their till, putting them back in the game with the rest of the trucks (basically eliminating their $219 deficit), but they also get an advantage. Their advantage is the opportunity to shut down another truck for one hour the next day.

For the first day, the trucks have three hours to feed the lunch rush outside of Antonia Lofaso’s own restaurant. And it definitely looks like the Crepe truck is struggling during this first day of competition.

In the midst of the three hour cook, Tyler calls with a new challenge. For a chance to add $400 to the till, the trucks have to choose a competitor and create a new dish based on one of their menu items. These inspired dish are on the menu for day two, with every truck embracing the challenge in their own way.

Of course, the trucks also have the threat of Khana over their heads, as Khana will be shutting down one of the trucks for an hour. So which truck did they choose to shut down? Unfortunately for Lisa’s Creperie, they were the truck chosen to lose one hour.

At the same time, 2 Girls Jamaican Tacos truck ends up having to find a new location as they were getting no business during the first half of the day. And not long after the crepe truck and the taco truck reopen, Tyler sends out the message to finish up outstanding orders and meet him for elimination.

With $400 on the line from the second challenge of the leg, which truck ends up winning the rival dish challenge? That team would be D’Pura Cepa for their first challenge win.

But how did the trucks do overall, with challenge wins and all their sales?

In first place with over $2500 in sales, Da Bald Guy won once again. Second place went to D’Pura Cepa, giving them the biggest leap of all. In third place we had Lisa’s Creperie. This means that the top three was all pro teams.

In fourth place was Easy Vegan. And that means that either Khana or 2 Girls Jamaican Tacos is going home. Ultimately, the team that went home was 2 Girls Jamaican Tacos.

What do you think of this episode of The Great Food Truck Race? Were you surprised by anything that happened?

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