The best sandwiches at Jimmy John’s

Jimmy John's. Photo courtesy Jimmy John's
Jimmy John's. Photo courtesy Jimmy John's /

Jimmy John’s has been making sandwiches for quite a few decades and they’ve been serving them up fresh, simple and they pack a satisfying bite. Let’s take a look at some of their best menu items.

Sometimes there’s nothing better than a sandwich to satisfy your hunger and in the most convenient way possible: All the ingredients between two slices of bread or in a bun. Easy peasy, as the old saying goes.

Of course the sandwich sure has come a long way, and many variations have been unearthed since the heyday of the sandwich when the great Earl of Sandwich invented the food item while playing cards…convenience being the goal in mind.

But sometimes simple sandwiches just hit the mark in a way that overcomplicated fare just won’t do. Enter Jimmy John’s and their epic menu.

The chain has been around since 1983, and since then has been at the forefront of everyone’s mind when the craving for sandwiches hits and hits hard…at least everyone in the know. It was brought into existence by the one and only James John Liautaud.

What are the best sandwiches to try at Jimmy Johns?

*Jimmy John’s Fact: When James John Liautaud graduated from high school back in 1982, it was his dad that fronted him the money to open up a business, which was what the young James John Liautaud had voiced intention of doing.

There was one catch though: If the business his son invested in would fail, Jimmy would have to go ahead and enlist in the US Army, as per Wikipedia.

Well, the business would of course not fail at all, and the rest, as they say, is history. As of 2022, there are a whopping 2,745 locations and the company has grossed over $3 billion.

The Pepe

A ham and cheese sandwich, this one sure speaks simplicity and perhaps in capital letters, but that doesn’t mean it isn’t satisfying. Sometimes something basic hits the spot like nothing else. This one, next to a bag of chips and a drink goes a long way on a hard day. Has a way of rebooting the old system if you know what I mean.

Ham, tomato, provolone, lettuce and mayo.

The Big John

I mean, just look at the name. What can go wrong? Especially if you’re hungry, or perhaps famished is a better term here…

This one is roast beef, lettuce, tomato and mayo, and when it comes to roast beef, nobody does it better than Jimmy John’s.


Yes…a classic name in the Italian culture and one made famous in the Godfather. Of course I’m thinking of Vito Corleone, played expertly by the late, great Marlon Brando.

And when I think of that movie, I can’t help but remember the old neighborhood…Montreal’s East End. Back in the day there was a bakery on every corner, and after a day of shooting hoops in the park, or sitting on a bench with friends, trying desperately hard to get the attention of the girls we liked (tried but failed), that passed us by, there was nothing like going to get a salami sandwich on a fresh bun…maybe even a capocollo and provolone.

The Vito at Jimmy John’s takes me back to those times. It’s got salami, capocollo, & provolone and is dressed with a classic Italian vinaigrette.


A sandwich shop isn’t a sandwich shop if it doesn’t have a BLT…bacon, lettuce and tomato (and don’t forget the mayo). Jimmy John’s does this one justice big time and is a must have if you’re going for a sandwich at Jimmy John’s. One of their best for sure.

Totally Tuna

Usually I’m not a fan of ordering tuna at a restaurant. I usually like to make my tuna salad at home. Same goes for egg and chicken as well, but the Jimmy John’s tuna sandwich surprised me big time. Fresh, delicious and the whole package delivers. The cucumber is a nice touch and is an item I rarely put in my sandwiches.

Slim 1

Remember I was going on and on about plain sandwiches? Well, the Slim 1 doesn’t get any more plain. Ham, cheese and that’s it. The ham is smoked and adds powerful flavor because of it. This is a perfect option for that go-to snack if you’re on the go and just need a quick bite. But a quick bite doesn’t have to taste bad.

The Slim 4

Sometimes just meat between the fold of a bun or two slices of bread hits the spot more than any other sandwich. I’ve often just had meat in bread. No dressing, no cheese, no veggies, and this sandwich delivers turkey to a turkey sandwich lover for sure.

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There are plenty of other great sandwiches at Jimmy John’s, but we’ve just looked at what we consider to be the best. What are some of your favorites, dear readers?