The Great Food Truck Race takes on the “Need for Speed”with a visit from Joe Sasto

The Great Food Truck Race. Image courtesy Food Network
The Great Food Truck Race. Image courtesy Food Network /

It’s the seventh week of the David vs Goliath season of The Great Food Truck Race and there are only three trucks left in the competition. There are two rookie trucks left, and that means only one pro truck is left in the race.

And heading into this “Need for Speed” episode, we learn that Khana is a man down as one of their team mates is under the weather. Following this news, Tyler introduced the food truck competitors to Joe Sasto, who is known for his speed and flavors in the kitchen.

Their first challenge for episode 7 of The Great Food Truck Race is a speed challenge. They must make a speedy, delicious entree and the first truck that sells five of the special will get an extra $200 in their till. However, on top of that there is also a taste challenge, with Joe getting to choose the best dish for an extra $200 in the till. That means that this one challenge can earn an extra $400.

The Great Food Truck Race takes on some speedy challenges in episode 7

After tasting all three dishes and checking their times, Joe Sasto chose his favorite special from The Easy Vegan truck. And now it is time to get selling, and that includes quickly selling five of the speed specials for the other $200 up for grabs.

And while it was a race to the five specials sold between Khana and The Easy Vegan, it ended up being The Easy Vegan who quickly won the selling part of the speed challenge. After selling the five specials, The Easy Vegan also made the decision to move to a new spot for better sales, and they weren’t alone as D’Pura Cepa and Khana also moved.

For the second day, the trucks have set spots at an event called First Friday and they need to make an innovative dish as a special and the first to sell 20 of this new special will get an extra $200 in the till. Plus, a secret eater will be trying the special from all three trucks and picking a winner for another $200 in the till.

Following their visit from a previous winner of The Great Food Truck Race (who is also the secret eater), it is time for the speed selling challenge. And right away, Khana finds themselves in the weeds since they are down a person and they got behind just as the selling challenge kicks off.

So who won the selling challenge? Perhaps unsurprisingly, it was The Easy Vegan who won the challenge, beating D’Pura Cepa by two sales.

Pretty quickly, day two is over and it’s the end of the seventh leg of the David vs Goliath season. Now it is time to learn who won the secret eater taste test and that $200, as well as who will be going home.

So who won the taste challenge for day two? The winning dish came from Khana, which meant they won an extra $200.

So who won this leg of the race? The winner was Khana. And who is going home? Sadly, the team going home was D’Pura Cepa.

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