The Great Food Truck Race Season 16: It’s time for the “Final Showdown”

The Great Food Truck Race. Image courtesy Food Network
The Great Food Truck Race. Image courtesy Food Network /

It’s the end of the road for The Great Food Truck Race season 16, the battle of David versus Goliath. There are only two trucks left in the race, Khana and the Easy Vegan. And that means it is no longer a case of David vs Goliath, but now it is time for the two “rookie” teams to battle it out for the title of Great Food Truck Race winner.

Will it be Khana with their Pakistani food and ability to pivot when challenges come their way? Or will it be The Easy Vegan and their fresh approach to delicious vegan dishes? There is $50,000 on the line and the title, so both teams need to bring their A-game.

For their final leg of The Great Food Truck Race, the final two trucks are cooking for a food festival and for the first challenge they have to take a dish away from the other teams menu and then add it to their own. Whichever team sells the most of the stolen dish will get a $200 bonus added to their till.

There will also be a second challenge that happens during the food festival as Tyler and three special guests show up to the two trucks. For another $200 in the till, the chefs need to use a specific cooking technique to make a brand new special and they have just 30 minutes to make it happen.

The Great Food Truck Race crowns their winner for the David vs Goliath season

After the judges tasted the technique challenge dish, it was time to pick a winner for the extra $200. And following some discussion, the judges chose Khana as having the best dish. But there is still a selling challenge to win and plenty of daylight left.

At the end of day one, we don’t know who won the selling challenge, but it’s time for some rest and there is still one day of selling left before a winner can be crowned.

To start the final day of the competition, Khana learns that they also won the selling challenge, which added $200 more to their till. For their final challenge, Tyler challenges them to sell just one entree to end the race. This means they can sell side dishes, desserts, and drinks, but they only get one entree as their “all in dish.”

And whichever truck wows Tyler with their final entree will also get a $200 bonus added to their till for this last challenge. For their “All In” final dish, Khana is making their “Science of the Lambs Burger.” Over on The Easy Vegan truck, their “All In” dish is Pink Tacos!

Both teams came to win and they are going all out with these entrees.

After a full day of selling, the final Tyler text comes in. And now it is time to learn who gets the final $200 bonus in their till and of course who will win The Great Food Truck Race Season 16.

For the final challenge, Tyler chose The Easy Vegan. They won the $200 bonus. And there was a selling challenge attached to the All In challenge. But it turns out the team that won the selling challenge also won The Great Food Truck Race.

So who won Season 16?

The winner was The Easy Vegan!

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