Blue Moon announces non-alcoholic beer is coming

Blue Moon Brewing Co launches non-alcoholic beer. Image Courtesy of Blue Moon
Blue Moon Brewing Co launches non-alcoholic beer. Image Courtesy of Blue Moon /

Blue Moon is switching it up on us. If you’re a fan of the brand’s beer or just enjoy a cool one, the company is adding something new.

Known for having alcoholic options, the brewing company is getting into something entirely different. Blue Moon recently announced that the company is branching out and creating a non-alcoholic beer.

While the product has yet to hit the shelves, the brand has already named it and if you’re a Blue Moon drinker, you might recognize it. The new non-alcoholic variety is called Blue Moon Non-Alcoholic Belgian White.

Then again, I don’t see why the brand would look into changing much aside from the obvious when it comes to a non-alcoholic version of the beloved brew.

Blue Moon announces upcoming non-alcoholic beer release.

As mentioned, Blue Moon is known for its alcoholic beer but now the company is helping those who want something non-alcoholic or want something to drink during Dry January. Regardless, this new product should be exactly what sober folks are looking for.

The Blue Moon Non-Alcoholic Belgian White is going to be in 12-ounce cans and come in six-packs. While it might not be the flavor some are used to, it’ll be another option for those who can’t or don’t drink alcohol.

While we don’t have a clear release date on this new non-alcoholic variety, the post shared by the brand mentioned it would be ready in time for Dry January, so likely sometime in fall or winter 2023. Either way, it gives you an idea if you’re looking to have bonfires after the summer or just want to have a few drinking options.

Ultimately, this seems like a great move from the brewery. The company has already set itself up in the alcoholic market so why not branch out? Sober is hot right now so adding non-alcoholic beer to the portfolio is smart. Either way, that’s something new from the company to look forward to!

What do you think, Guilty Drinkers? Will you be trying out this new non-alcoholic option from Blue Moon?

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