Great American Recipe crowns their second winner following a final feast

The Great American Recipe. Image courtesy PBS
The Great American Recipe. Image courtesy PBS /

Leanna, Brad, and Salmah are the final three of the second season of the Great American Recipe and it’s time to crown a winner, but first there are two more challenges to get through first. It’s been a lovely season, but now it’s time for someone to be chosen for the cover of the second Great American Recipe cookbook!

So what is the first challenge of the final episode of season 2? For their first challenge of the finale, our finalists have to make a dish that their parents have chosen from a letter sent to inspire them.

These are dishes that have been requested by a loved one and are in many ways a representation of where our cooks come from. So what are our three Great American Recipe finalists making in 60 minutes for this particular challenge?

The Great American Recipe is about to crown a winner

  • Leanna – Ackee and Saltfish with a Fried Dumpling
  • Brad – Matzah Ball Soup
  • Salmah – Baigan Choka and Dhal

All of our cooks have a story to tell and their food tells that story. And as the judges sit to watch the cooks finish up this first challenge, they make it clear that each of these cooks is very distinct with their flavors.

The judges chose Salmah as having the best dish from this loved one’s challenge!

But now it is time for the finalists to cook up their final challenge and for this final challenge they must plate a full meal that is a representation of their story. There needs to be an entree, side, and dessert. Because of how long this challenge is (three hours and three distinct dishes), each cook gets an assistant! And yes, it is a loved one assisting them.

So what are our finalists whipping up for this final challenge in the Great American Recipe barn?

  • Leanna – Entree: Oxtail with Rice and Pigeon Peas, Side: Fried Plantains, Dessert: Sweet Bread and Sorrel Drink
  • Salmah – Entree: Pepperpot, Side: Plait Bread, Dessert: Cassava Pone
  • Brad – Entree: Mafrum with Couscous, Side: Israeli Salads, Dessert: Fig Upside-Down Cake

Watching our finalists cook with their loved one was a beautiful thing. It was a lot of fun to see them interacting with each other. And it was nice to see the lighter side of them in the kitchen as well.

After an intense final challenge and a great second season, it’s time for the final judging and a feast without judges, the finalists, and their loved one.

In the end, the finalists are all winners in our eyes, but who is the winner of The Great American Recipe season 2?

The winner is Brad!

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