Kraft Singles share grilling tips ahead of Labor Day 2023

Grilling Tips & Tricks from Kraft Singles Culinary Experts. Image Courtesy of Kraft.
Grilling Tips & Tricks from Kraft Singles Culinary Experts. Image Courtesy of Kraft. /

Kraft Singles knows a thing or two about cheeseburgers. That’s why the brand is sharing some grilling tips with us.

Whether you’ve started grilling or have a knack for it, everyone has something they can improve upon. Some grillmasters might not believe that, but one weakness doesn’t mean you’re a bad cook.

In particular, cheeseburgers are one of those things it’s hard to mess up. With that being said, these tips might be exactly what you need to help you finetune your cheeseburger or give you a reason to add Kraft Singles to your burger.

Before getting into the tips, I’d like to thank the culinary experts from Kraft Singles for sharing these as sometimes, a simple tip can make all the difference.

Kraft Singles shares some great cheeseburger tips ahead of Labor Day 2023.

Kraft Singles
Grilling Tips & Tricks from Kraft Singles Culinary Experts. Image Courtesy of Kraft. /

I just wanted to share a little fun fact before getting into these tips so you know how serious Kraft Singles is about knowing cheeseburgers. Last year during Labor Day weekend, the brand sold over 10 million packages of Kraft Singles. I can’t even imagine seeing that many packages in person but let’s get into the tips.

The first tip is to make sure you aren’t grilling your cheese aka don’t add your cheese to your burger until the grill is turned off. It also gives you time to toast your buns for something a little extra special. If you don’t think it makes a difference, you haven’t ever had toasted buns but the important thing is to make sure the grill is off before adding your cheese to your burger.

The other tip is to make sure you’re putting your cheeseburger together correctly and Kraft Singles gave an amazing tip for it: “Layering lettuce, tomato, and then the burger on a bottom bun ensures the meat drippings flavor the veggies while allowing your lettuce to act as protection from a soggy bun. The cheese should go on top of the patty adorned with your favorite condiments like pickles, mustard, and ketchup.” As you can see, the brand knows how to make sure you’re getting the best bite possible.

Last but not least is one that I’ve been guilty of not doing but I’ll be adjusting and that’s to keep your Kraft Singles in the fridge up until you’re using them. Having them at room temperature impedes the melting process which is a crucial step. It’s such a simple tip that can make a huge impact on your cheeseburger.

Whether you’re grilling out for Labor Day or are preparing a weekend barbecue, these tips from Kraft Singles could be a game-changer for some. If you knew these, I’d love to know what your favorite kind of cheese to add to your cheeseburger is.

Will you be implementing these Kraft Singles tips for your next cheeseburger? Let us know in the comments! 

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