Jeng: The non-alcoholic THC canned cocktail you’ll want to try

Jeng's New THC Sparkling Cocktails for International Canned Cocktail Day. Image courtesy Jeng
Jeng's New THC Sparkling Cocktails for International Canned Cocktail Day. Image courtesy Jeng /

The ready-to-drink cocktail market has exploded. However, with the rising number of celebrities and individuals choosing not to drink, companies are expanding their offerings with ready-to-drink non-alcoholic canned cocktails. Jeng is one of these companies that is “changing the way people drink.”

The Montauk, NY-based company makes zero-proof canned cocktails that contain a microdose of THC. Each can contains 3mg THC and 6mg CBD. These are adult cocktails without the alcohol hangover!

There are four mixologist-inspired Jeng cocktail flavors. In a press email that was shared with Guilty Eats, the flavors are described as:

"Spicy Blood Orange Margarita: Zesty blood orange juice and a kick of jalapeno create the perfect balance of heat, flavor and bliss.Rhubarb Cucumber Spritz: Fresh juices with strawberry rhubarb notes are cooled by a touch of cucumber to beat the heat.Paloma: Fresh pink grapefruit juice blends with subtle rosemary and lime for a refreshing twist on a Mexican classic.Moscow Mule: Ginger forward and full-flavored with a hint of lime and a touch of juniper."

Jeng THC sparkling cocktails are adult beverages without the alcohol!

The cans themselves are aesthetically pleasing, in marbled but muted jewel-colored cans. Each cocktail is only 50 calories. While the beverages are low-sugar, they are sweetened with real cane sugar and monk fruit and don’t have an artificial taste.

I was recently able to sample these canned cocktails. These are sparkling beverages and are noticeably carbonated. The Spicy Blood Orange Margarita is pale yellow in color. It’s lightly sweetened and citrusy. The Rhubarb Cucumber Spritz is a reddish pink color. The scent and taste of cucumber is strong in this cocktail. The Paloma is a whitish color. It had a strong grapefruit flavor with a hint of rosemary. The Moscow Mule also has a whitish color. I felt like this tasted most like a cocktail. The flavors were mild and it was very smooth to drink.

I had never previously consumed a beverage containing THC and CBD. I enjoyed these beverages in the evening before bed and noticed that I slept better than I normally do.

Jeng canned cocktails are available for purchase on the company’s website, or at select retailers and restaurants throughout the country.

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